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Wedding Festivities: Gifting Etiquette for Engagement, Bridal, and Bachelorette Parties

These days, there are a lot of events associated with a couple’s wedding - and lots of gifts and traditions that come with each event and new chapter. It can get costly, time-consuming, and confusing - especially if you don’t know what to focus on or what you’re supposed to do for each new celebration.

Here, we break down everything that you need to know, and what you should buy for the happy couple every step of the way

Engagement Party

The engagement party is generally the kick-off to the wedding festivities and events, and it’s usually hosted by the parents of the bride or groom or by a good friend or family member.

Gifts are not required for this celebration, and the couple will not expect anything from their guests. That said, you might feel a little strange arriving empty-handed. If that’s the case, opt for something small and memorable, like:

engagement party gift for couple

Bridal Shower Gifts

This party is all about the bride, making her feel special, and celebrating her before her special day.

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At their core, bridal showers are actually gift-giving parties - so you want to be sure to bring something special to this event. So where do you start? Well, by the time the shower comes around, the couple has likely already completed their registry, and it’s totally acceptable to purchase a gift from there.

Alternatively, you can get:

  • A beautiful piece of jewelry for the bride, like Invicta Women's Watches or a versatile set of earrings.
  • A Spafinder gift card that she can use on her favorite treatment, like a mani-pedi or a massage.
  • An article of clothing that she’s sure to love - and perhaps even wear on the honeymoon. This can be a great pair of shoes, a useful jacket, or a versatile day dress.
  • A gift for the home, like a kitchen appliance (perhaps a blender or a toaster) or an Amazon Echo.  
Spa gift for bridal shower

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

This is usually the final party before the big day - and the biggest celebration. Get a gift to make the bride or groom feel especially center-of-attention and pampered.

For the bride, this could be:

  • Lingerie or a great pajama set
  • Some bath or spa products, like a great face product from Truly Organic.
  • Fashion jewelry or a great purse

For the groom, try:

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Bachelorette party gifts

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