Alpina Watches

Alpina Watches

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My Gift Stop is pleased to be an official retailer of Alpina watches. The story of these famous Swiss watches dates back to 1893 when Gottlieb Hauser, a watchmaker from Winterthur, founded a Swiss Watchmaker Corporation (Corporation d’Horlogers Suisse). Many watchmakers joined him to buy the watchmaking equipment and then start their own business.

The company became successful and by 1901, Alpina was a registered trademark. It branched off to other Swiss cities and to Germany. By the time the war was over in 1918, the Horlogere Union fell apart. It was divided into Union Horlogere S.A. and Alpina Deutsche Uhrmacher-Genossenschaft G.m.b.H. After the war, the business was on the rise. Alpina watches were sold in 2,000 European sales points in Europe, from Lisbon to Moscow.

Today, the Alpina brand stays true to the company’s old principles. They manufacture their watches at the best prices, respect their customers, remain loyal to high quality, and are still independent. Alpina produces contemporary mechanical sports watches, which are great accessories for people all over the world. Apart from sports watches, the brand also has a penchant for designing amazing aviation themed watches. Alpina uses Swiss made quartz and automatic movements in their watches. Alpina is one of the oldest and the most famous Swiss brands in history. 

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