8 Best Gifts For a Friend on His Wedding Day

8 Best Gifts For a Friend on His Wedding Day

When you think of a wedding, usually the first thing that comes to mind is the blushing bride and being able to be a part of her special day. That’s great, but she’s not the only one that should be the center of attention. Here’s what to gift the man of the hour on his big day.

A Watch

When it comes to choosing a great wedding gift, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality, classic item that he can use all the time. For the groom, this could be a luxury watch or another accessory that works with his lifestyle. If he’s more active, opt for a water-resistant, shock-resistant option like the G-Shock Watch. Alternatively, if he’s more of a professional, get him a classic, stylish choice like an Orient men’s leather strap watch.

orient watch wedding gift for friend

Orient watches

Casio GA100-1A1 Men's G-Shock

An Experience Gift

Sometimes, the best gift that you can give is something truly memorable, like an experience or an adventure. This can include something like:

  • A trip with his friends that has to do with one of his hobbies, like a brewery tour or tickets to a sports outing.
  • A honeymoon gift, like a tour on location or a couples spa treatment.
  • A couple’s class, like a cooking class or an exercise class.
cooking class wedding present

A Polaroid Camera

Alternatively, get him something that will help him capture the moment and express his creative side - without getting stuck in the digital void. This can be a fun digital camera with a mini printer, or - for a nice throwback that he can really have fun with - a Polaroid camera with film.

polaroid camera wedding gift for friend

A Wine Gift Set

Is he a wine connoisseur? Or does he just love trying the latest varieties and flavors? Get him a killer wine tasting kit. A perfect choice is the ‘Voyage De Vin’ Tasting Room wine gift set - it offers a variety of classic French wines so he can try them all and pick his favorite.

Wine gift set wedding gift

A Bobby Homemaker Kit

Does he consider himself a weekend grillmaster or simply enjoy being helpful around the house? If keeping busy and fixing things up is more his forte, get him a great toolkit or a grill tool set. That way, he’ll be able to show off his “manly” skills with style.

grill present wedding


Help him clean up and get his personal hygiene on point with a shaving kit or a face cleansing brush. There are lots of great options available for men today, and he’ll be sure to appreciate the gesture.  

men's grooming wedding gift  


Sometimes, a great cologne is all he needs to feel put together and ready to take on the day. Get him a diverse cologne sampler like this one from Sephora that lets him test out some scents, find his favorite, and pick out a full-sized bottle free of charge.

cologne sampler gift  

Coffee Makers

Finally, if he often needs a little caffeine boost - or if he just enjoys his morning joe - then get him an awesome coffee maker to help him get his days started off right. The best choices here include an easy-to-use Nespresso coffee machine or a programmable coffee maker that he can set the night before.

coffee wedding present 

For more gift ideas, check out My Gift Stop.  

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