Wenger Watches

Wenger Watches

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The credo of Wenger is molded by the desire to make unmatched quality watches using innovation and craftsmanship. Much like its parent organization, Swiss Army, Wenger came in the business to produce Swiss made knives in 1893 in the Swiss Jura region. Theo Wenger was the founding father of the company. Wenger started producing watches only from 1997 and has merged with Victorinox in 2005. Other than Swiss watches, the company also produces travel gear.

There are many different series of the Wenger watches. Sought after series include the Classic Metropolitan, Attitude, City Classic, Urban Classic, Avenue, and City Active collections. Wenger watches made for diving feature unidirectional bezels, sapphire coated mineral crystal, screw-down crowns, and screwed-in casebacks for the ultimate in protection and water resistance. The bracelets are available in many different colors and the materials such as NATO nylon straps, leather, integrated silicone, stainless steel, and rubber. One of the key features present in their watches is legibility – even in low-light conditions – thanks to the luminous hands and hour markers. Wenger watches are governed by Swiss made quartz and automatic movements noted worldwide for their precision and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are Wenger watches Swiss-made?

Yes! Wenger watches are definitely Swiss-made; the company’s headquartered in Delemont, Switzerland and they have been around for more than 100 years (founded in 1893). The Wenger brand is not as recognizable as some of the other more popular watch manufacturers in Switzerland, but they are definitely highly regarded as one of the major players. The watch collections that they produce are in the rugged sports and elegant categories; every timepiece is considered to be extremely functional.

  • Are Wenger watches good quality watches?

The Wenger brand is known for manufacturing quality timepieces. The outdoor sports watches are rugged, durable, and multi-functional, while still being completely stylish. Wenger offers both automatic and quartz timepieces, so you can select your preferred mode of operation. Purchase a quartz model with a battery and you will only have to replace the battery every 1-3 years. The automatic watches still require manual winding to keep them running seamlessly. Both styles are very popular, so it just depends on personal taste.

  • Which is better Wenger or Victorinox?

That is sort of a trick question. In 2001, Wenger ran into financial difficulties following the 9/11 attack in New York. The main reason is that one of their most notable products - the Swiss army knife - was no longer allowed for airplane travel, which greatly reduced their profitability. Victorinox acquired Wenger so the brand could continue manufacturing Swiss army knives and watches during those lean years. So which is better? Both. After the merge, both companies continued to maintain their original and unique branding qualities.

  • How much is a Wenger watch?

Wenger watches provide excellent value, as they are inexpensive, consistent, and dependable. Most of the Wenger watches are priced at less than $200.  For example, the highest-priced, uber elegant men’s watch is the Urban Vintage Yellow Gold watch with a black dial/strap and is priced at $195 ($123 on sale). In the sports collection category, the highest-priced Wenger watch is the men’s Terragraph Black Leather Strap Chronograph, which retails for $390 (often on sale for less than $200). Check out our frequent sales.

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