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Kenneth Cole Men's Classic Black Leather Band Watch | KC50502004

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Kenneth Cole Women's Quartz Watch - Dress Sport Blue Dial Bracelet | KC50735005

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Kenneth Cole is a brand that many people know of as a mainstream watch, popularly sold in retail stores. But, is it any good?

Any watch collector, amateur or experienced, knows that the quality standard of a brand represents what it will continue to project into the future, affecting resale prices and functionality alike.

In this article from My Gift Stop, you will learn everything you need to know about Kenneth Cole, from if it’s a good watch brand, to its popularity, and lastly, quality. 

Kenneth Cole Watches: Great Style, Pricing, and Warranty

These watches have been on the market for years but only recently gained popularity as an inexpensive fashion watch available at many common retailers.

The KC Style:

Kenneth Cole, known for its origin as a fashion brand, is taking a lot of the watch market by storm with its unique designs and fashionable choices. The brand believes that they can help connect individuals through unique styles and provide a watch that truly showcases the personality of the wearer.


The price range of the KC watch brand makes it accessible to a wider audience than many luxury watches, and its price point is great compared to many fashion watches as well. If you are looking for a watch that showcases your status or provides a clean, sophisticated look unique to your personality, Kenneth Cole makes it possible with a wide range of inexpensive watches with unbeatable quality.

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Perhaps one of the most appealing things about the warranty is the fact that it offers lifetime coverage. The types of damages that the warranty covers are limited to basic wear and tear, but this is to be expected of any fashion watch.

Depending on the model purchased, it may or may not cover water damage, as it is not recommended to submerge these watches in any way despite many models’ water resistance.

Kenneth Cole Watches Build Quality

The Kenneth Cole watch line is considered to be solid in terms of quality, but the brand isn’t known for its excellence in any particular area. Overall, this brand is more focused on the fashion design aspect of the watch and connecting individuals through that symbol of status. (1)

The quality of each watch is guaranteed with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and is durable enough to withstand basic wear and tear.


Fashion is essentially about connecting people — not just with what’s on their body but also what's on their mind. It's not just what they stand in — it’s what they stand for. 

Kenneth Cole


This is an acceptable trade-off considering the cost of the watch can range from the double digits on, making it one of the more affordable watch lines to come onto the market with such a strong sense of style.

These fashion watches are considered the “every man’s” watch, with a style to suit just about any personality, able to be worn as a casual timepiece or luxury status symbol depending on the model you purchase.


Care and Maintenance

Like any good watch, it is important to provide the proper care and maintenance to keep the watch functioning accurately for as long as possible. To avoid voiding the warranty, you must use a watch repair service that is authorized to work on Kenneth Cole watches; improper handling or alteration of the watch, such as DIY work, can void the warranty.

It is recommended that the watch sees a specialist every other year for routine maintenance. The maintenance on a KC watch is often less expensive than maintenance on a luxury watch. Any repair work should be done at the first sign of damage or irregular functionality to avoid further damage.

Is Kenneth Cole a Luxury Brand?

No, Kenneth Cole is not a luxury brand, nor does it pretend to be. This might be surprising, considering the brand’s main focus – apparel and shoes – is a luxury line.

With their watches, however, their main focus is on the style and design of each timepiece. Creating a luxury timepiece would take away the fashion brand’s ability to offer timepieces to the general public; something Cole has prided himself on in every aspect of his career.

Watches have long been looked at as a status symbol, and Cole hopes to unite individuals through their self-expression, providing watches that reflect personalities and provide a sense of creative unity through that.

Is a Kenneth Cole Watch a Good Brand? 

Watches made under the Kenneth Cole brand are nice, stylish, and relatively inexpensive. With such a unique style, it is no wonder that the brand has been around for so long, able to stay relevant and design according to the modern culture.

While these timepieces are not bought and sold for their resale value like luxury watches are, they are prized for their reliability as a fashion watch. The functionality is better than you might find in other fashion watches, giving you the best of both worlds in a timepiece without the six-figure cost.  


Is Kenneth Cole Still Popular?

The brand is considered one of the more popular clothing and footwear brands in the world. It is considered the 77th most popular brand in its industry, and the 88th most famous, which puts it in a higher tier than most brands.

According to a survey in early 2021, nearly 70% of people who took the survey have heard about the brand, most of which had a positive or neutral opinion about the designer and his product line. It is estimated that the brand’s popularity will continue to rise as he engages in more activism and charity through the brand platform, and as more contracts are signed to bring the fashion designer on with different types of fashion accessories.

Cole’s clothing can be found in many retail stores across the United States and Europe alongside other popular, high-end brands like Chanel and Burlington.

The partnership with the Geneva Group watchmaker, which was later transferred to the Bina Group, caused the brand’s popularity to soar, becoming better known for more things outside of fashion and footwear.

What is Kenneth Cole Known For?

Kenneth Cole is known as an American fashion brand that has been in business for over 35 years. Founded in 1982 under the name Kenneth Cole Productions Inc. as an Apparel and Textile company, Kenneth Cole and Sam Edelman are the lead designers and founders of the company.

The brand originally opened as a women’s shoemaker in New York. It prides itself on its design and marketing team, contributing its current success to those two divisions.

Before the partnership with watchmakers, the brand boasts a wide range of clothing and accessories, from luggage to face masks, sporting a wide range of goods and boasting a strong sense of charity that has been evident throughout the company’s history. The founder, Cole, has long since participated in aids research and used his branding as a platform to get the word out about the disease. In more recent years, he has begun backing other causes such as mental health awareness, gay rights, veteran awareness, and many other social causes, incorporating these voices into his latest fashion designs.

Are Kenneth Cole Watches Waterproof?

Many Kenneth Cole watches are water-resistant, with the REACTION line being among one of the most popular for water resistance. Though it is not as water-resistant as some luxury watches, it is superior among others in its price range, with a water-resistant depth of up to 99 feet.

The water resistance guarantee does change depending on the watch model you purchase. Some Kenneth Cole watches are water-resistant to a certain depth, while others are not covered for anything more than a splash. The manufacturer’s warranty recommends that those watches are not worn when swimming, bathing, or washing dishes.

It is important to note that no watch is truly waterproof, though they may be commonly called such.

Watches bear a water resistance rated to a certain depth and must be properly cared for and maintained for the resistance to last. Without that maintenance, the water-resistance seal may break or leak, causing malfunctions within the watch.

Who Makes Kenneth Cole Watches?

If you are familiar with fashion, then you know that Kenneth Cole is not originally a brand specifically for timepieces. The watch designs were originally created and manufactured underneath the Geneva Watch Group, popular for creating watches under license for several fashion and lifestyle brands.

The Geneva Watch Group started in 1974 and is based in Long Island City, New York. This company was later bought out by the Bina Group in 2008, which is headquartered in Milan.

The Europe-based watch group, however, does outsource their manufacturing and design work. Many of their lines’ design work takes place in Hong Kong, with the manufacturing and watchmaking taking place in Shenzhen, China.

While most of the parts except for the movement itself are made in China, the quality is rigorously tested to ensure it remains within their standard. This results in a watch that is relatively inexpensive but still maintains a surprisingly elegant level of quality and functionality.

Beyond that, the effort and expertise that goes into each design are worthy of a fashion brand, with a nice selection of styles and designs in each line to suit any personality type.

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