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Real Movado watches are known for their luxury style at affordable prices. Still, the brand does manufacture some pricier models, and even the mid-price watches tend come onto the market as counterfeits.

With a little bit of vigilance and research, however, you can ensure you are purchasing a real Movado timepiece, rather than an overpriced fake.

In this article, the team at My Gift Stop has put together a guide to help you learn everything you need to know about how to tell a real Movado timepiece from a fake, and what you can do to lessen your chances of purchasing counterfeits in the first place.

How to Tell a Real Movado Watch from a Fake

It’s easy to see why people would want to counterfeit a Movado, as it is reasonably priced for the demand to be high and the luxury design and quality is unlike any other. (1) Fortunately for timepiece collectors, however, the internet is a powerful tool that can help find a counterfeit straightaway.


The ability of a motivated consumer to empower themselves with information, compare prices, better understand the models, and find any information is unparalleled than at any other point in our history.

OJ Whatley


Movado sets themselves apart in the attention to detail on every part of the watch. Many watches simply focus on the dial or face and case, considering that is what many people will be looking at for the core functionality of a timepiece.

This watchmaker, on the other hand, has refined every detail of the timepiece from the bracelet to the clasps, dials, and casing.

To learn how to distinguish a real timepiece from a fake, you should follow these steps:

  1. Examine the face.

Does the face say “Swiss MOVADO Made” or “Swiss Made”? You’re in the clear. A “Swiss MOVADO Quartz” is likely a counterfeit to check into further. Swiss MOVADO Made is the only thing that should be on the face

  1. Look for the brand logo.

Check the inside of the casing; there should be a brand logo in all caps, precisely printed to avoid sloppiness or blemishes.

  1. Cross-reference the serial number.

Once you have located the serial number on the inside of the casing, you can cross-reference it by calling a brand representative. If the serial number is valid, the representative will confirm this with you over the phone.

  1. Keep an eye on the market.

The price points for authentic wristwatches will always give you a point of reference for how much you should be paying for a real timepiece. If the price deviates significantly lower from that, then there is a chance that you are purchasing a counterfeit timepiece.

Do Authentic Movado Watches Have Serial Numbers?

Yes, these wristwatches have serial numbers. To check the serial and reference number, you will need to open the casing as they are located on the back of the inner side of the caseback.

The logo should also be above these numbers, imprinted in all caps and precisely stamped to maintain a clean appearance. To ensure a timepiece is authentic, you should always cross-reference the serial number before purchasing a resale timepiece in person.

Are Movado Watches Worth Anything?

Yes, these wristwatches can fetch some resale value depending on how, where, and when you re-sell the timepiece, though they may not have as lucrative of a resale value as some other luxury brands. A real Movado is considered an excellent purchase for individuals looking for a classy, luxury-style timepiece to wear with their business attire.

While many watch collectors have Movado in their collection, it is often because they are proud of the timepiece design and manufacturing quality and wish to wear it, rather than resell it. Not many of these watches are seen on the resale market, as they are elegant wristwatches that will retain their functionality for several years.

Is Movado a High-End Watch?

Yes, this brand does manufacture some high-end luxury wristwatches, which might be surprising considering the relatively inexpensive price tag. The company prides themselves on providing excellence in design, quality, and manufacturing in their Swiss Made wristwatches.

Still, the brand does produce some lower-end fashion wristwatches to make them more accessible to the public, but these wristwatches can easily fall into the $500+ range as well, as the company prides itself in not taking manufacturing shortcuts that would undercut the quality of the final product.

Movado may be one of the most accessible Swiss Made luxury timepiece manufacturers on the market today.

How to Identify and Avoid Purchasing a Counterfeit Movado Watch

When some counterfeits look nearly identical to the real thing, it can be difficult to identify a real Movado watch, so how can you be certain you are purchasing an authentic piece for your next party?

There are many ways you can lessen your chances of coming across a counterfeit in the first place, whether you are looking to make a deal online or inside a retail store.

First, look at the price. If the watch model you are purchasing is significantly underpriced, then it may be reduced to move quickly. This is the first step to learning how to spot a fake, and may be a sign that the watch is counterfeit, or worse, stolen. The best way to see if it is underpriced is to research the watch under a few different popular retailers, starting with the authorized manufacturer themselves. 

Second, is the watch in the original box? While a watch without the original box does not automatically mean that it is a counterfeit, as sometimes the box is discarded or damaged, having the piece inside the original box can help alleviate any concerns that the watch may be counterfeit.

Next, pay close attention to the type of event. Even when you purchase from a well-known retailer, they may be selling counterfeit stock without identifying that fact. It’s much more common than a lot of people give it credit for, unfortunately. Just keep in mind that no watch of real value is going to be sold on clearance or during a flash-sale – so if you see a high-end Movado in one of these sales, there is a good chance it isn’t worth as much as it should be.

Lastly, look over the finer details. Is the inside serial number correct? Is the logo correct, and placed cleanly? Is the lettering off, or are there mistakes in the placements and angles? These finer mistakes in each service detail can give away a counterfeit better and more often than anything else.

Brand Information: Where is the Movado Watch Made?

While the brand has several headquarters throughout the world, Movado is proud to make all of their wristwatches in Switzerland. Because their wristwatches are manufactured in Switzerland, they are considered Swiss Made in the traditional sense.

This might be surprising considering their low price point for luxury designs and quality.

In an authentic Movado watch, everything from the movement to the case, bracelet, and gears are Swiss, making them the pride of the company and central focus of the brand’s professional watchmakers.

The brand was founded in La Chaux-de-Fronds in Switzerland in 1881 and has since worked its way into modern culture with over 100 patents and 200 international awards for their excellence in watchmaking. Their most notable line to date is the Museum model timepiece.

What Is So Special About Real Movado Watches?

A lot of people entering the watch industry might be wondering what the brand has done that is special enough to warrant its price range. In reality, the timepiece is considered highly inexpensive, and more experienced timepiece collectors are often surprised to see that Movado has not become more expensive as time goes on.

Movado is considered a special brand because not only is it Swiss, but they never cut corners on quality during any part of their design or manufacturing process. A high level of research goes into every part of this watch’s design and manufacturing process, giving them an expensive feel without the price tag to reflect such luxury.

Because of this and their standard for luxury designs, Movado wristwatches have been a significant part of many timepiece collectors’ displays.

How Do You Find the Model Number on a Movado Watch?

One way you can check for a counterfeit is to find the model number and look for discrepancies in the number as well as the lettering. If the lettering is misplaced or looks sloppy, then it is likely a counterfeit made by hand, rather than a masterwork by the manufacturer.

Likewise, if there is a discrepancy with the model number, then you know that it is a fake because the manufacturer would not accidentally mislabel their timepiece, especially since each one of their wristwatches go through rigorous quality control checks.

To find the model number on your Movado timepiece, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the timepiece upside down to examine the back of the case.
  2. Locate the words “MOVADO Swiss Made” at the top.
  3. Look down from this position until you see a set of two numbers.
  4. Examine the top number. This is the model number.
  5. Cross-reference the model number with what it should be, using a direct manufacturer resource as a guide.

Find Your Perfect Watch On Site at My Gift Stop

My Gift Stop has the finest collection of Movado watches on the market, making it a perfect place to shop for your next fashionable timepiece, whether you are looking for yourself or for a friend.

Every timepiece you purchase from the platform is guaranteed to be real, with the manufacturer’s warranty, certificate of authenticity, and original box still brand new.



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