38 Foolproof Christmas Gifts for Everyone On Your List

38 Foolproof Christmas Gifts for Everyone On Your List

Whether we like it or not, the Christmas season has become synonymous with gifts - it’s called “the season of giving,” after all -  and most people feel an immense pressure (and confusion) when it comes to finding the perfect present to put under the tree before the big day.  

Which is where we come in. So, whether you’re dealing with an excited tike, a picky grandparent, or anything in between, we’ve got the perfect gift for everyone on your nice list.

The Kids

If there’s one group that’s going to be excited about unwrapping their gifts, it’s the kids. But just because they’re ready to go doesn’t mean they’re easy to shop for - especially as they get older and more particular. Here are some foolproof go-to’s:

For the Girls:

Ages 5-10: This is the perfect age range to play it up and get her something super fun and cute for the holiday. Our recommendations: a personalized sparkle & shine backpack or an Amazon Fire for kids - it’s under $100 and it has lots of games and apps for learning.  

Ages 10-13: For the preteen, check out these ultra-cute American Jewel cat headphones or a beautiful bottle of perfume, like Princess by Vera Wang.  

Ages 14-18: Finally, for the full-blown teenager, you can opt for something a little more “grown-up” and refined. This could be a classic piece of jewelry - like a pendant or a nice pair of earrings - or a cool piece of tech like this wireless waterproof speaker.  

christmas gift for girls

For the Boys:

Ages 5-10: At this age, most little boys are into some rough-and-tumble, silly fun. Some gifts that they’ll love include a light-up LED racecar track or a make-your-own-fort kit.

Ages 10-13: Want to get him thinking and exercising those problem-solving skills? Check out a set of brainteasers or a Lego architecture set.

Ages 14-18: At this age, you can’t go wrong with some great electronics like some wireless headphones or a killer drone.

That Special Someone

Christmas is the time to splurge and get that special someone a gift that really shows you care. Some great options include:

For Him:

For Her:

  • A classic, fresh perfume. Check out some great options from Maison Margiela’s Replica collection.
  • A beautiful piece of jewelry, like a classic pair of stud earrings.
  • Some useful tech like a portable charger or a Tile to help find lost items.  
  • A plan for two, like a spa day or a cooking class.
  • A useful and stylish crossbody purse.
Christmas gifts for special someone

The Relatives

So what do you do for those family members - the ones that you’re not that close too but that you feel obligated to acknowledge for this special holiday? Here are some great go-to’s:

For the Ladies:

  • A premium candle
  • A cozy scarf
  • A relevant gift card
  • A delicate piece of jewelry like Swarovski Bracelet
  • A soft faux fur throw

For the Men:

  • A durable, RFID blocking wallet
  • A grooming kit
  • An Ember temperature control mug.
  • A comfortable, ultra-soft robe
  • A versatile pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses
ember christmas gift boyfriend

The Best Friend

Next: the best friend. This is another one where you can really get creative and show this important person how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate having them in your life. Here are some fun options:

  • An activity: Do you guys love to hike together? Is your best friend a movie buff? Plan an activity that you know they’ll love for extra brownie points this holiday season.
  • A camera: In the same vein, you get them a great Polaroid or digital camera to help them capture those special memories together.
  • Bath salts: Give your best friend the gift of an at-home spa day with some soothing and nourishing bath salts.
  • Their spirit of choice: Do they love a glass of wine or a fine bourbon? Get the party started by gifting them their liquor of choice.
  • Jewelry: This may seem cheesy, but everyone likes some best friend jewelry like these fingerprint necklaces from Dimples  (whether they’ll admit it or not).  
bath salts holiday present for her

The Coworkers

Finally, you can’t forget your office friends, your boss, and anyone else that plays a significant role in your professional life. This can be more of a “token” gift, but it’s great to acknowledge these people and show that you’re thinking about them. Some nice choices here include:

  • A gift basket full of office goodies. This could include a notepad, chapstick, snacks, tape, a calendar, or any other desktop supplies you think they’ll enjoy.
  • A beautiful flower for their desk.
  • A mini humidifier or an essential oil diffuser.
  • A coffee brew bottle that lets them make a great cup of pour-over coffee at their desk.
essential oil diffuser christmas gift

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