Timex Watches

Timex Watches

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The Timex brand has been around for nearly 80 years when it opened as the Waterbury Clock Company in 1854. It was one of the first brands to incorporate the sophistication of European clockmaking with American imagination and entrepreneurial spirit.

Timex was also the first to introduce the ever-popular Mickey Mouse watch, with Mickey’s hands incorporated as the hour and minute hands. By 1936 it was the most popular timepiece for over two million children. The company’s rich history also includes the 1958 slogan, “Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking” which kept the Timex brand in the spotlight as one of the sturdiest and most durable timepieces available. In 1977, the Timex model, Easy Reader, became known as “The New watch with the BIG numbers”, for easier readability

Frequently Asked Questions about Timex Watches:

Are Timex watches good quality?

If you want to buy a sport-durable watch, the Timex watch is a good choice of timepiece for you. Timex can provide a more versatile price range with their watch models.

Are Timex watches worth buying?

And after all of these years, the Timex brand has continued its reputation as the creators of some of the highest quality, most attractive, and extremely affordable watch brands available. The Timex brand has stood the test of time, which is why there are millions of happy customers around the world.


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