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Invicta Watches for Women


Are you looking for the perfect gift at an affordable price? Look no further than Invicta watches for the ideal timepiece for women. Watches have long been a symbol of status and success, and every new watch design will help showcase your personality at the same time. Choose from a range of watch styles from unique and glamorous to help dress up any outfit, or the plain and utilitarian look to help you seize the day with an air of authority.

Browse the latest selection of popular Invicta brand watches today and explore a new world of exquisite style, all for an inexpensive price. Everything you need can be found at My Gift Stop, the perfect choice for your next gift purchase.


Are Invicta Watches Good?

Many casual users state that Invicta has provided them with a reliable watch that they can wear daily. With regular maintenance, cleaning, and proper care, it can last for years, which is much better than many other watches in its price tier.

The brand is famous for providing luxury quality in an affordable shell. The brand strives to provide individuals with the ability to wear a fashionable timepiece that mimics the look of many higher-shelf brands without the expensive price tag.

The result is a range of beautiful Invicta watches for women and men alike that help showcase the powerful status that a watch provides, all with a price that doesn’t break the bank, giving you a practical choice in wearing luxury timepieces.

Many people agree that Invicta is one of the only watches on the market today with the best value for your money, and it is an inexpensive enough to warrant the purchase of a new watch several years down the line when you are ready for a new look.

Additionally, it may come as no surprise that this brand is a favorite for many watch collectors who prefer to keep their luxury brands locked away, but still want to wear the luxury style with their regular outfits.

Overall, the quality of materials placed into Invicta watches is on par with watches at a similar price point. While they cannot provide the same materials as luxury watches without raising their base price, the company strives to provide materials that are known for their reliability and longevity in casual everyday wear.

Where Was the Watch Brand Started?

Originally, the Invicta brand was a Swiss company that was started by a man named Raphael Picard in 1837. The inspiration behind the name is thought to be for the watches’ durable casing and long-lasting materials, as Invicta is the Latin name for “Invincible.”

The Invicta Watch Group was headquartered in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, for several decades until the infamous Swiss Quartz crisis caused the demise of many watchmakers, as they were unable to adapt to the new technology as quickly as others.

The Invicta Watch Group was one of these companies which met an unfortunate end in those days, closing their doors and liquidating their stock. The economic hardships placed on many watchmakers had taken its toll on this brand name as well. Unlike many other watchmakers, however, the brand would soon be given new life.

It wasn’t until 1991 when the company was reborn, this time as a brand name acquired by an American company based in Hollywood, Florida. It is here that the new corporate headquarters is located, under different ownership. It is rumored that the company was started again with the help of the descendants of the original Swiss watchmakers, however, this has not been proven.

The current Invicta Watch Group has little tie to the original company and should not be confused with the original Swiss watchmaker, though some of the timepieces the current company produces rival the quality and originality that the Swiss brand once produced.

Likewise, the Invicta brand still carries a range of Swiss Made watches that provide the same quality and reliability that many wearers know Swiss brands to be made of. This line is, perhaps, made with respect to the original company and the values they share today.


What Is So Special About Invicta Watches for Women?

The brand has provided a wide range of styles for every woman, no matter their tastes or unique styles. Truly, the Invicta Watch Group has provided a watch for the everyday woman, celebrating the individuality of each individual’s body type and fashion sense, understanding that there is more to women than one standard fashion.

Their wide selection of styles doesn’t stop with the plain or extravagant, however. The company has also partnered up with several other well-known brands to provide unique designs that are often gender-neutral, perfect for women who prefer to shy away from the stereotypically feminine watch.

In 2021, the brand featured several noteworthy collections, such as the Britto, DC Comics, Disney, Marvel, U.S. Army, and U.S. Navy collections. Each of these collections took inspiration from a different place and designed a watch to suit the style of these partnerships in tasteful reserve.


Does an Invicta Watch for Women Hold Value?

Many Invicta watches for women do hold value, but they must be treated properly. While Invicta stands out for its unique designs and collaborations, the materials are of lesser quality by necessity to provide the watches at an affordable rate.

This means that scratches and dents may appear over time, and the internal mechanisms may need re-winding to maintain its functionality.

With any other watch, it will take proper care and maintenance for the timepiece to hold its value. Though the materials used in each of the Invicta watches are durable, there is no guarantee that it will remain free from scratches during everyday wear.

If this is kept in mind, you can get an Invicta watch to hold its value for several years, though it is not likely to have or hold the same value as a true luxury brand made from richer materials.

Invicta Watches for Women: Noteworthy Collections

The Invicta Watch Group carries an extensive line of noteworthy watches, perfect for any woman’s tastes no matter if they err on the side of feminine or utilitarian, or somewhere in-between.

Each watch is carefully crafted to help showcase a different message, providing women with the freedom of expression that is necessary for any good accessory.

In the sections below, we will cover some of the popular Invicta models for women that suit a variety of styles and fashion senses:


Invicta Women’s Pro Diver Watch

The Pro Diver series is one of Invicta’s most popular watch lines to date, featuring an incredible degree of water resistance in each level, making it perfect for light swimming, intense workouts, and high humidity environments.

The women’s watches in this series are built for the woman who is looking for a little bit of a mix between the classic feminine look and utilitarian functionality. Below are two of our favorite models from the women’s Pro Diver series, available at My Gift Stop:


  • Invicta 6895 – Pro Diver Two-Tone Mother of Pearl

The 6895 is considered one of the sportier watches in the Pro Diver line, perfect for any woman who is looking for functionality over style, but still wants to capture the experience of wearing a luxury watch. The yellow gold coloration along the dial and center of the band is plated over stainless steel. The face is made of mother of pearl and features a date display window on the front.

Featuring a unidirectional rotating bezel and textured push and pull main crown, this two-tone watch is the perfect choice for any woman who prefers a larger watch with strong, hard lines and a touch of femininity.

This watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters, making it a perfect choice for work in humid or hot environments.

  • Invicta 8942 – Pro Diver Two-Tone Stainless Steel

This watch is the perfect choice for the woman who prefers a watch with a strong, durable look and rich functionality to match. Featuring a blue dial to mimic sapphire, and a two-tone stainless steel band with yellow gold plating through the center, it is the perfect gift for work or a night on the town.

The bezel and textured crown are blue, accented with gold tones to tie the colors together in a beautiful arrangement. This model is made with a mineral crystal to prevent scratches, and the PC22A quartz movements is Japanese-made to ensure the timepiece keeps time consistently for years to come.

Invicta Women’s Angel Watch

With the Angel series, the brand provides a uniquely designed line of watches for women who wish to express their feminine side. These watches are a perfect choice for dressing up professional workwear or wearing out on the town.

Each model in the Angel series is carefully crafted to respect the feminine individuality while providing unique styles that showcase the strength and uniqueness of each personality. Below are our two favorite models in the Angel line, both available in the My Gift Stop store:

  • Invicta 19218 – Rose Gold Angel

This watch showcases a unique rose gold color across all parts of the timepiece, from the dial to the case, strap, and even the face numbers.

Made with gold plated steel, this chronograph watch is made from flame fusion crystal to prevent accidental scratching. The inner workings of the watch are reliable, made of a Japanese TMI VD53 quartz mechanism that will last a lifetime.

Featuring three separate display faces inside the main dial and a calendar date window, each number is plated with a white gold accent that will further accentuate the rose gold coloration of the rest of the watch.

  • Invicta 29331 – Yellow Gold Angel MOP

This watch comes with two yellow gold accessory bracelets, one patterned and one embellished to further accentuate the wristwatch’s simple appeal. The strap, casing, and face numbers are all yellow gold-plated stainless steel with a fixed bezel.

The dial is beautiful in its elegance, with gold-toned mother of pearl to bring feminine beauty to the watch, accentuated with 8 precisely placed crystals. The watch is functional, rated at 100 meters of water resistance with a Japanese TMI PC21 quartz mechanism to ensure it lasts for a long time when properly cared for.

Invicta Women’s Specialty Watch

The Specialty line is a beautiful line that provides a perfect fusion between simple, functional, and strong. With simple, elegant colors, these watches have a special place in many wearer’s hearts as an everyday accessory that can be dressed up or down, no matter the season or outfit.

Each timepiece is carefully crafted with style in mind, but in the Specialty watch line, both functionality and simplicity rule. These watch faces are slightly larger than the rest of their ladies watch lines, making it a perfect choice in making a fashion or status statement in the professional world.


  • Invicta 29395 - Black Dial Specialty

Exquisitely crafted with polished stainless steel across the case and band, this watch is one of the most beautifully simple additions to the Specialty line. With polished stainless steel Roman numerals and hands on a deep black dial, it is certain to add a pop of style to any outfit without being gaudy.

The dial is made of a mineral crystal to resist scratches, and the watch is rated to withstand water up to 50 meters. Made with a Japanese PC21J quartz mechanism, this watch is a truly magnificent addition to any outfit. It suits many styles with its ability to be dressed up or down for different occasions.


  • Invicta 29413 – Rose Gold Specialty

The Rose Gold specialty is a stainless steel watch with a strong, white face accentuated with rose gold hands and Roman numerals on the front. No other feature clutters the face, and the rest of the solid-color watch is left to accentuate itself through texture and shape.

With a mineral crystal material for scratch resistance and water resistance up to 50 meters. The internal mechanisms are superior to many others, with a Japanese TMI PC21J quartz movement. This watch is certain to last for years with the proper care.


How Can I Tell if My Invicta Watch is Real?

Especially if you purchase a watch from a third party, counterfeits can be a real concern, particularly on more expensive Invicta watches for women as they are made to resemble real luxury watches.

If you are concerned about receiving a counterfeit product, you can bring your watch to an authorized watch repair store. Have the technician open the case backing so they can examine the inner workings. If any of these workings have any alternate branding stamped onto them, then you may be dealing with a fake.

There are, however, more ways to determine if your Invicta watch is real. Namely, you should ensure that the Invicta brand is stamped onto the metal clasp on the strap, something that a lot of counterfeits are missing. The text should be clean and centered, never sloppy or crooked. Additionally, if you have a watch with a leather strap, you should make sure the leather stitching looks clean and even.

If these items check out, then you have yourself an authentic Invicta watch.

When you purchase from My Gift Stop, each watch comes in its original box with the word “Invicta” stamped clearly on the front. Additionally, each box comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity” to ensure you know you are getting the real deal every time you purchase a timepiece. This certificate is supplied by the manufacturer and placed into every new box before it arrives at the store.

Shop the Best Invicta Watches Today

Whenever you find a woman wearing an Invicta watch, you know you’ve come across somebody with exquisite taste in timepieces that is unmatched by any other brand. With both superior functionality and ideal styles for making a statement in any type of outfit, Invicta is becoming more popular as a fashionably utilitarian watch.

The company is known for being a reliable brand with luxury styles in a tasteful size, making it a perfect choice for any professional woman in your life. Each model product is different, featuring a variety of style options from sleek and plain to ethereal gemstones.

Best of all? The company supplies timepieces that are known for being inexpensive – though you would never know it looking at the exquisite materials – so it makes an excellent gift for anybody looking to spruce up their wardrobe.

The next time you are looking for a relatable gift that is both functional and beautiful, be sure to explore the collection of Invicta watches for women at My Gift Stop. As a retailer for the most popular Invicta models, you are certain to find a gift to suit any personality and fashion sense. Our top watch models are going fast, so make sure to get your favorite while supplies last.