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Orient Men's Automatic Watch - Sport Stainless Steel Bracelet Date | RA-AC0K01B00COrient Men's Automatic Watch - Sport Stainless Steel Bracelet Date | RA-AC0K01B00C
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Orient Men's Automatic Watch - Star Open Heart Brown Dial Bracelet | RA-AT0102Y00BOrient Men's Automatic Watch - Star Open Heart Brown Dial Bracelet | RA-AT0102Y00B
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Orient Men's Watch - Defender Automatic Blue Dial Rose Gold Tone Bezel | RA-AK0601L10AOrient Men's Watch - Defender Automatic Blue Dial Rose Gold Tone Bezel | RA-AK0601L10A
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Orient Men's Automatic Watch - M-Force Dive Orange Dial Bracelet | RA-AC0L08Y00BOrient Men's Automatic Watch - M-Force Dive Orange Dial Bracelet | RA-AC0L08Y00B
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Orient Men's Automatic Watch - M-Force Dive Blue Dial Bracelet | RA-AC0L07L00BOrient Men's Automatic Watch - M-Force Dive Blue Dial Bracelet | RA-AC0L07L00B
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Orient Men's Automatic Watch - Classic White Dial Two Tone Bracelet | RA-AC0004S10AOrient Men's Automatic Watch - Classic White Dial Two Tone Bracelet | RA-AC0004S10A
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Orient Men's Automatic Watch - M-Force Dive Blue Dial Rubber Strap | RA-AC0L04L00BOrient Men's Automatic Watch - M-Force Dive Blue Dial Rubber Strap | RA-AC0L04L00B
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Orient Men's Automatic Watch - M-Force Dive Black Dial Rubber Strap | RA-AC0L03B00BOrient Men's Automatic Watch - M-Force Dive Black Dial Rubber Strap | RA-AC0L03B00B
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Orient Men's Automatic Watch - M-Force Dive Red Dial Steel Bracelet | RA-AC0L02R00BOrient Men's Automatic Watch - M-Force Dive Red Dial Steel Bracelet | RA-AC0L02R00B

Orient is a watch brand that has proven its quality time and time again despite its low cost. The price tag only serves to make it more accessible to the public, and its quality continues to fascinate watch collectors across the globe.

Specializing in classic wristwatches that offer a timeless feel with superior functionality, Orient is one of the most underrated automatic watch manufacturers on the market today, rivaling even big name watch manufacturers in its functionality.

My Gift Stop is the top choice for Orient watches on the market today. With an unparalleled selection of unique styles and designs, you are sure to find the right watch for anyone.

Whether you are looking for a model that shows your wealth, or an everyday watch to help you keep track of the day, Orient has shown its prowess for creating watches that both look stylish and maintain reliability .


A Brief History of Orient Watches

Like many other watchmakers, this company had a unique story that is full of ups and downs as the world around it shifted and they came out with new and innovative products. Like many watchmaking companies, this brand felt its fair share of success and loss alike.

Orient watches started in 1901 when a man named Shogoro Yoshida opened a wholesale shop selling imported pocket watches in Tokyo. Shortly after the business opened, he expanded the business to begin manufacturing wristwatch cases.

It wasn’t until 1934 that the company was re-established as Toyo Tokei Manufacturing and the company began producing wristwatches. In 1936, the company built the Hino factory, which was popularized by its production of wristwatches through the Toyo Tokei Manufacturing company.

It isn’t until World War II when the story gets confusing, and the company undergoes its first real loss. In 1949, the company shut down after the Japanese economy was affected so starkly. Fewer people were purchasing wristwatches, which were considered a luxury item inaccessible to many of the poor affected by the war.

Shogoro Yoshida, however, was not going to be discouraged by the poor economy. Instead, he continued to carve his own path in life and pursued a dream that would later establish itself as the true birth origin of Orient watches.

He re-established the folded company under the name Tama Keiki Company and continued manufacturing at its previously established factory in Hino. The name, however, did not stick. In 1951, Yoshida changed the name of his company to Orient Watch Company, Limited.

It was this year that Orient watches were truly born, and the first Orient Star went on sale.

With the help of a memorandum trade agreement with China in 1955, Orient watch was able to expand its customer visibility overseas, and the next wristwatch, the Royal Orient, went on sale shortly thereafter to celebrate this expansion.

For the remainder of Orient’s time as an independent watchmaking company, they continued to produce excellent wristwatches that surprised their customers with quality and expertise. The “Fineness” for example, was the world’s thinnest automatic wristwatch that also included the day and date calendar functionality; the first of its kind.

In 2001, Seiko Epson became the majority shareholder of the company, purchasing 52% of the company’s stake. It was after this, in 2003, that the company established another line of assembly and began producing luxury watches in Akita, Japan.

The story of the watchmaker doesn’t end there, however; with Seiko’s establishment as a majority shareholder in the company, Yoshido began talks with the company about Orient becoming a subsidiary of the larger watchmaking entity.

These talks lasted for a while as Yoshido did not want to give up his watchmaking company’s individuality and in-house production. In 2009, Orient Watch finally became a subsidiary of Seiko Epson, and the company now exists as a dormant entity.

Today, Epson Sales Japan Corporation is in charge of marketing the Orient timepieces, and Akita Epson Corporation manufactures the parts for each timepiece. It is unclear of Orient, or Yoshido, continues to hold substantial decision-making power in the manufacturing of the watches.

The company still purports that it makes all of its movements in-house with its own unique practices to provide a reliable level of craftsmanship that is unlike any other watch brand. Whether this is different from Seiko movements, it is unclear, though it is widely thought that Orient and Seiko utilize the same – or very similar – movements as all core parts are now manufactured by Seiko.


Are Orient Watches Good?

Yes, overall Orient watches are considered to be one of the highest-quality watches on the market, especially for the price tag, which is commonly under $500. Watch collectors from around the world agree that Orient watches are good quality.

These timepieces are durable and provide functionality for a long time when compared to other, pricier brand names. With proper maintenance, an Orient watch can be just as reliable as many old Swiss watches.

Many watch collectors have even compared their $150 Orient watch to their luxury watches that are $20,000 and above, stating that it wears just as well and, aside from a few marketed features and materials that might be saved only for royalty, Orient watches are among some of the most popular watches for good reason.

Today, Orient is a subsidiary company owned by the brand Seiko, which is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship and innovative technology. Seiko and Orient are considered to be one of the top competing watchmaker brands on the market today, which is an astounding feat in a competitive world such as watchmaking.

Seiko timepieces are considered some of the best in the industry, and many other watch brands on the market, including several big-name brands, utilize Seiko movements to provide a reliable and functional timepiece without having to manufacture it themselves.

These timepieces have shown their resilience over the years, showcasing a core functionality that other movement manufacturers envy. Even before Orient was a part of Seiko, they manufactured their own movements in-house, providing a professionalism and level of quality that not many other watchmakers can afford to provide.

A watch movement is a critical part of any watch’s functionality. A manufacturer must be able to rely on the movements they receive from another company as it is a core component of how their own brand will be seen.

Even if a watchmaker knows how to manufacture their own movements, it is likely that they will still choose to utilize Seiko movements for their timepieces to save on costs and still provide a reliable product that is certain to continue working for years to come.


Is Orient Better than Seiko?

For a long time, Orient had established their own quality brand. Each timepiece had its own unique qualities to it, something you only see in handcrafted watches in today’s modern watch collecting world. Still, the core functionality remains the same in many watches manufactured today.

More modern Orient watch models, made after Seiko’s acquisition of the company in 2009, will retain the same level of quality as the other to ensure a level of control between the two brands.

While Orient maintains their unique in-house manufacturing of movements and designs, many of the same parts go into Seiko watches, proving the functionality to remain similar until you reach a certain price cap that Orient does not extend beyond.

The Orient watches manufactured before the acquisition of the company are also said to be of comparable quality to Seiko’s line of manufacturing of the time. For a watch company that struggled in the beginning, it showed its technological prowess with pride once the market opened up.

Orient movements that were made prior to the company’s acquisition tend to be much more complex than Seiko when compared watch-for-watch. The movements made by Orient may show more features on the face than Seiko watches when compared, which is typical of Orient’s choice to give the users more functionality at a glance.

Ultimately, the two brands run parallel to each other in terms of quality, but remain two separate entities as it gives the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation better range with their marketing, as Orient is marketed to a different audience than Seiko might be.

Is Orient a Luxury Watch? 

It’s no secret that Orient has a long history of establishing themselves as a luxury timepiece company, first providing its Japanese customers with a beautiful wristwatch that was certain to outlast their lifetime. This level of quality is something that can only be achieved with a luxury watch company.

Some watchmaking companies, however, are strictly luxury watchmakers and intend for no one but the best-dressed, most wealthy of consumers to wear their watches.

Orient places no bounds or restrictions on their watches. In fact, their watches are some of the most affordable on the market, especially for the level of quality you can come to expect from the brand.

Like Seiko, Orient is not entirely a luxury watch brand, however, they have a luxury watch line called the Royal Orient. This watch has been around since before they became a subsidiary of Seiko and remains one of the purest examples of the company to date.

While the Royal Orient line has expanded, the original purpose of the watch line remains: provide a classic watch with innovative features and highest-quality materials for a reasonable price.

Orient remains as one of the few most recognizable watchmaking companies who showcase an impressive collection of watches in each of their lines, each ranging from casual, to dressy, to luxury. Every watch is able to be dressed up and down thanks to Orient’s unique designs and timeless shape.

Whether you are looking for a casual timepiece that doesn’t break the bank, or a luxury watch for your collection, you are guaranteed to find a watch that suits your needs and looks stunning while doing it.


How Long Do Orient Watches Last?

Orient watches are known for their superior functionality, especially since every timepiece comes with a movement that was made in-house by the hands of a real, skilled watchmaker, rather than with the cold press of a machine.

It may leave you wondering whether Orient watches last long enough to showcase that superior technology. After all the luxury brands on the market selling watches for thousands, Orient can seem like a deal too good to be true.

Fortunately, Orient takes pride in their watchmaking and has created a range of timepieces that are not only affordable and accessible to the general public, but also long-lasting and efficient, especially if you keep up with the general care and maintenance that any watch requires.  

Almost all Orient watches are superior in their longevity, with each watch lasting about a decade before breaking down due to issues with wear and tear. By maintaining the watch after 5-7 years with regular servicing and maintenance, you can stretch the functionality of the timepiece by a lifetime.

Many watch enthusiasts, however, argue that you could just as easily replace the watch for the cost of the timepiece. For most watches, the cost of service for general maintenance, not including any repairs, can easily run between $100-200. Depending on the model of watch you own, this may be more than the watch cost at retail price when you purchased it.

If you don’t plan on keeping the watch for a long time in a collection or to sell, then you are likely better off simply replacing it as it wears out, as Orient has done a good job at providing timepieces with superior functionality for under $500.

Of course, there are more expensive models available on the market that would warrant a few hundred dollars in maintenance when necessary to keep the watch running at its best, but unless the specific wristwatch holds some sentimental value, many watch collectors who hold onto their collection for resale consider Orient a top choice for everyday wear as it looks nice, functions well, and is inexpensive to replace.

Are Orient Watches Made in Japan?

Yes, Orient watches are made in Japan. The original production of the Orient wristwatch proudly took place in their Hino factory, however, as Seiko acquired the company and Orient became a subsidiary, it is unclear if every part of the watchmaking process takes place in Japan or not.

It is likely that some parts of the watchmaking process take place in China and return for quality control measures to keep the overall cost of the wristwatch low.

The more expensive Orient models – for example, the Orient Star – are made entirely in Japan from the manufacturing of parts to assembly and quality control.

When considering most watches today see the shores of 2 or 3 countries before they are fully assembled, it is quite the feat that Orient managed to, at least for the most part, keep most of their watchmaking and manufacturing within Japan.

Like with Seiko movements, all movements for Orient watches are all made in-house, continuing to provide a level of quality that watch collectors can rely on. These pieces are quality controlled at either the Akita or Hino office.

The company has even publicized a video that walks prospective buyers through their watch factory, showcasing every part of the manufacturing process from their movement assembly to attaching the case, and quality-testing each product.

The skill and craftsmanship put into each individual watch is stunning, and for the price, Orient is among some of the highest quality watches you can purchase on the market today, with each watch manufactured not by machinery, but the real, skilled hands of a qualified watchmaker. Every delicate piece is set into place perfectly.


The Japanese Brand Has Always Favored High Quality and Timeless Style

Many watch makers can agree that the Japanese watchmaker has always had its eye on the prize: make watches that people can feel priceless in without the expensive price tag, then get more watches on the wrists of those people.

For a watch that will last a lifetime, Orient has been sorely overlooked for years, only recently coming into the international spotlight thanks to its partnership with Seiko.

It is said that Orient is one of the few watchmakers who would be able to compete with Swiss companies who were able to make the switch after the Quartz Crisis.

Despite its rocky beginning, Orient continues to provide unparalleled quality and precision in automatic wristwatch technology, all with a timeless style that shows no sign of going out of fashion.

The Orient Star was one of the first wristwatch lines to make it out of manufacturing in the company’s Hino factory. This watch provided an innovative look to the automatic wristwatch in its day, yet it is considered now to be its high-end line.

The unique fashion that Orient watches provide is unmatched by any other company, whether you are looking for a casual, dress, or luxury watch. With beautifully designed casing in every model and a timeless design to keep things simple, the watch remains one of the most popular models available on the market today.

Orient, however, does provide more modern-style watches in addition to its classic styles. These watches, like their contemporary and sports models, feature bands of all types, different casing materials, and features on the watch face.

One thing that has never changed, however, is the quality craftsmanship included in each timepiece, with each movement carefully made in-house and put into place with the delicate care of a watchmaker.

Each individual piece is inspected and quality-controlled, providing the brand’s assurance that your watch is the same superior quality that they have been manufacturing for decades.


This Low-Key Japanese Watch Brand is the King of Sub-$500 Watches

Despite the fact that many watch enthusiasts new to the scene have not heard of Orient, or have only heard of the brand in passing, it is continuing to astound wearers 70 years after its founding.

The value the company continues to provide is often overlooked in favor of other more expensive brands and luxury watchmakers who dominate the space with efficient marketing techniques. Orient, however, has an advantage in having its own factory where it can manufacture anything it needs to, preventing the need to subcontract out and increase costs for a lesser degree of quality than in-house manufacturing can provide.

This watchmaking brand has truly shown that a watch doesn’t need to be expensive to be a timepiece fit for royalty. Next time you are in the market for a casual or luxury brand watch, consider Orient for your next purchase.

Originally, the Orient brand had built itself up around the idea that poor men didn’t have to settle for poor-looking watches. Even if you had a rich, luxury taste in watches, you shouldn’t have to dream of the day you could shell out the money for the timepiece.

The result is that Orient now offers some of the best quality timepieces with automatic movements on the market with superior longevity to many other manufacturers. The trade off? There is none.

Many Orient watches are cited as being the most affordable for the value provided, with most of their timepieces costing less than $500 for a uniquely crafted wristwatch for any type of dress. Orient’s movements, which are made in-house, are also considered some of the most affordable movements available in the watchmaking market, even surpassing Seiko in terms of affordability.

This unique offering has left Orient in the running for a strong future in the world of watch collectors who can truly appreciate the craftsmanship and skill that goes into creating each individual timepiece.

Orient Watches: Sophisticated Design and Reliable Movement

These watches are built with both sophistication and reliability in mind, as the founder originally believed that the common man with rich tastes should be able to experience the joys of a luxury timepiece on his wrist while still being able to rely on that timepiece’s functionality for years to come.

While the company brought the original vision to life over the years, they lacked in the same marketing that many Swiss companies utilized to get their brands known internationally. When Seiko Epson became the major stakeholder in the company in 2001, the company began to see what their products could be with the additional help in marketing.

Still, even though the brand is now a subsidiary of Seiko, they continue to establish their own individual manufacturing quality and timeless design. The movements that the company manufactures in-house rivals every other watchmaker, including its partner company Seiko.

Many of the Orient watches available on the market today continue to showcase this core functionality and sophisticated design without sacrificing the original vision of the watchmaking company.

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