How To Pick The Perfect Traditional Wedding Gift For The Classic Couple In Your Life

How To Pick The Perfect Traditional Wedding Gift For The Classic Couple In Your Life

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When it comes to purchasing wedding presents, guests and loved ones often want to get ultra-personal, unique, and creative with their gift choices for the couple of the hour. Which is great - if that’s what they want and appreciate. But that’s not always the case. For some duos, all they’re really looking for is a classic gift to honor their traditions and respect the history behind the momentous occasion.

Here are some beautiful classic gift options for the more traditionally-minded couple in your life.


If you’re looking for the ultimate classic wedding gift option, try going with a beautifully timeless piece of jewelry. Make sure you don’t opt with a trendy choice here - instead, choose something that they can wear and enjoy on any occasion. This could be a classic set of diamond earrings or a pendant necklace for her or a tasteful set of cufflinks or a sport Swiss watch like Alpina Watch for him.

Watch wedding gift for him

Money or Gift Card

It may seem tacky or a little on the nose, but money is actually an appreciated classic gift. For some couples, it’s even preferred. Just make sure you do it right: leave a nice card as well, and perhaps write some thoughts about what you hope they may use the money for or what you had in mind when you packed it up for them.

Money traditional wedding present

A Small Appliance For the Home

The first chapter in the couple’s new life usually revolves around the home and creating the perfect environment to start their lives together. A traditional way to mark the moment is by purchasing a small, useful appliance for them to put in their new space. Here are some fail-safe go-to’s:

home appliance wedding present


A Honeymoon Gift

Another foolproof option? A present that they can take advantage of on their honeymoon. This could be:

  • A gift certificate for a dinner for two or for an activity on location. The latter could either be something local and geographically-based - like zip-lining, snorkeling, a museum visit, etc.  or something a little more romantic, like a couple’s massage or a private exercise class.
  • Some clothing or a great outfit that they could really use on the trip. This can be especially great if they’re going somewhere where they’ll be in the elements - like a beach or somewhere snowy. They may not have had time to do all the shopping and you can really help them dress for the occasion.
  • An item that they can take with them, like a beautiful piece of luggage or a great camera. Keep their personalities and the nature of the trip in mind here, and make your purchase accordingly. Some great neutral go-to’s? A Polaroid camera or a classic 3-piece set of luggage.
honeymoon gift for bride and groom


Taking it closer to home once more, you can also go with a high-quality, luxury bedding set for a classic wedding gift option. This may seem overly basic and unexciting, but it can actually be quite appreciated. Splurge on a great set of high thread count sheets and/or a luxurious duvet cover and have your newlyweds sleeping like royalty.

bedding wedding present

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