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4 Foolproof Wedding Gifts For The Couple That Has Everything

You get a wedding invitation from a friend or family member, you fill out your RSVP, and you start thinking about their big day. And then the question hits you - what are you going to get them? For the couple that seemingly has everything, this is not an easy question to answer.

That’s where we come in. Here are 4 out-of-the-box, fail-safe gifts for the bride and groom that have it all.

A Sentimental Gift

The one thing that nobody can ever get enough of is memories and time with loved ones. So you can’t go wrong getting them something sentimental or nostalgic. This could be:

  • A video from loved ones: Find the people that mean most to the happy couple - their best friends, family members, or even someone important from their past - and have them answer a few questions about them on camera. This could include things like “What is your favorite memory of [name]?” “What are your hopes for the happy couple’s future?” or even “What do you want to say to them on their big day?” Put the clips together and give it to them on their wedding day for a gift that they’ll never forget.
  • A scrapbook: If you’re more crafty, put it in writing and get them a scrapbook in the same vein. You can even come up with a theme - if the friend is silly or the jokester, make is about light-hearted memories. If they’re family-oriented, have pictures of their nearest and dearest.
scrapbook sentimental wedding gift


A Niche Appliance

Do they already have their blender, slow cooker, vacuum, and other household appliance go-to’s? Then go for something niche and out-of-the-box like:

  • For the cocktail lover: A Somabar automated bartender or a Northstar keg fridge so they can keep their favorite brew on tap.
  • For the baker: A marble pastry board to help them kneed all those temperature-sensitive pie crusts.
  • For the novice: A clear toaster so they don’t burn that morning bread or a Pantelligent smart frying pan that’ll help them avoid overcooking or undercooking their favorite go-to’s.
  • For the full-on chef: An airfryer that will let them try out all of their favorite fried food recipes with none of the guilt.
wedding gift for couple that has it all toaster

An Item For The Home

Now this one is tricky, because - when it comes to items for the home - you want to get them something that goes with their current decor, that fits their personality, and that they’ll actually use. With that in mind, here are some options:

  • The animal lovers: A customized pet portrait or pet pillow to give some love and attention to their furry family member.
  • The travelers: A personalized heart map print - with where they met, where they got engaged, or another significant location - or a collage of photos from a significant trip or moment.
  • The homebodies: For the couple that likes to stay in and relax, there are certain go-to’s - like a cozy blanket or a relaxing scented candle - that you can’t really go wrong with.
wedding gift homebody couple

A Little Glitz and Glam

Are they a little flashy or simply into the finer things? Then get them something with a little sparkle and pizazz. This could be:

coffee table book wedding gift

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