The 5 Best Wedding Gifts From the Best Man to the Groom

The 5 Best Wedding Gifts From the Best Man to the Groom

You’ve been asked to be best man in your friend’s wedding, and you take the responsibility seriously. After all, you want to do your buddy proud and contribute whatever you can to help make his day special, memorable, and one-of-a-kind - and, as best man, you potentially have a lot on your plate to help ensure that you do just that.

So, does that mean that you have to get him a gift on his big day? While there are no hard and fast rules that say a gift from the best man is necessary, it may seem like the way to go for many guys out there.

Here are some go-to gift options for every groom personality and style, so you can scratch at least one thing off your best man to-do list:  

Something Stylish

Looking for a  fail-safe option? You can’t go wrong with a great accessory or piece of clothing that he’ll enjoy and get a lot of use out of. This could be:

Sunglasses gift from best man to groom


A Gift To Celebrate

You definitely hit a home run with a gift that will help him celebrate his special day and the new chapter of his life. Here are some festive gift options he’ll be sure to love:

  • A nice set of cigars in a custom cigar box. You can even smoke one together before or after the festivities on the big day.
  • A bottle of champagne - or a 6-pack of beer - with some personalized engraved glasses so you can toast in style.
  • A fun evening out. For extra points, do something out-of-the-box and take him to a comedy club, a theater show like Blue Man Group, or a sporting event for his favorite sport or team.
celebrate wedding groom best man gift

Something Personalized

If you’re looking for more of a keepsake item, get him something ultra-personalized and customized just for him. This can include:

  • Engraved cufflinks - he can even wear them on his special day.
  • A personalized flask that he can fill with his favorite celebratory libation.
  • Some great monogrammed luggage that he can take on his honeymoon or on any other adventure.
Groom honeymoon gift luggage wedding present

An Activity

Alternatively, get him a gift that’s all about bonding and spending quality time together. Some great options here include:

  • A guy’s weekend: Whether he’s a sports lover, an outdoorsman, a movie buff, or something in between, he’ll appreciate a great guy’s weekend doing some of his favorite activities.
  • Tickets to a game: Chances are he’ll enjoy at least some kind of sports event. Pick his favorite and take him out to cheer his favorite team on.
  • A great happy hour or dinner that revolves around his favorites. Does he love Italian food? Would he kill for a cold glass of his favorite beer? Live it up and get him something he’ll really enjoy.
Activity wedding gift groom sports

A Memory

If he’s asked you to be best man, chances are that you know the groom extremely well and that you two have a lot of great memories together. Use the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and emphasize the special relationship that you have. This could take many forms, including:

  • A video: Do you guys pull out the camera and record or take pictures while you’re out and about? Or does he have a lot of other friends that would like to say a few words about him or your friendship with him? Then make a video montage! This can include stories, photos, anecdotes - anything that he’ll appreciate or that will put a smile on his face.
  • A keepsake: If you’ve held on to an important keepsake - like sports memorabilia, items from school, a special photograph, or some keepsakes from a meaningful trip - it could be great to present it to him as a gift along with a nice note, quote, or card. If the item is small, get it framed or incorporate it into something that he’ll use and enjoy.
memory wedding gift groom

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