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6 Kinds of Gifts Your Boyfriend Is Sure To Love This Valentine’s Day

It may be hard to believe, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether the romantic traditions of the holiday make you swoon or roll your eyes, it’s a great occasion to give your boyfriend a gift or plan an activity to show him that you care.

Don’t worry, though - we’re not talking about the stereotypical flowers and chocolates. Here, we break down what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day and discuss the perfect gift for every kind of man.

The Sports Fan

When searching for the perfect gift, it’s important to start by considering the personality, interests, and lifestyle of the recipient - then take your search from there.

Is he always talking about the big game or meeting up with his friends to play some sports? Get your sports nut:

  • Tickets: If there’s a sporting event going on nearby that you know he’ll love, get him some tickets for Valentine’s Day. You can make it a date night or, if sports aren’t really for you, book it with one of his friends or family members.
  • Gear: Is he more of a player than a watcher? Get him some gear that will help him play his sport of choice. Some fail-safe options include a pair of training shoes or a moisture-wicking tee that he can wear on the field.
Valentine's Day for boyfriend sport's gear
  • Memorabilia: Do you know of any players that he’s always loved? Does he have a particular attachment to a particular game, team, or moment in sports history? Get him something to commemorate his favorite, and perhaps even engrave the gift with the date or some pertinent details.
  • Equipment: If he plays a sport that requires a lot of expensive equipment - or if you notice that his stuff is getting worn out - get him some new equipment or a gift card to his favorite sporting goods store.

The Nature Lover

If your guy is more into the great outdoors, buy him a gift or plan an activity that gets him outside. Some of our go-to’s:

  • Plan a hike: Find some nearby trails or lookout points and plan a hike accordingly. If it’s going to be a longer trek, pack some of his favorite snacks and make a stop for a romantic picnic on the way.
Valentine's day nature lover boyfriend
  • A trip to the zoo, park, or nature reserve: Is he more interested in flora and fauna? No matter where you live, there are bound to be some great zoos, natural reserves, parks, or botanical gardens. Find one that has some plants or animals that he loves and make a day of it.
  • An outdoor dinner: This could be in your backyard, at a park, or even at a restaurant. Find a place with outdoor seating and some great ambiance and take him for a great meal.   
  • Hit the water: Take him snorkeling or - if you live somewhere that allows for it - set up a scuba diving tour. If he really loves water activities, take it up a notch and buy him a nice diver watch to wear while he’s out there.

The Techie

These days, most guys are into some sort of gadget or tech. Here are some fail-safe options:

smartwatch valentine's day boyfriend
gift for techie boyfriend
  • An external battery for the phone or laptop so he’s always at 100%.
  • Some smart plugs, so you don’t have to fight about getting up to turn off lights.  

The Traveler

neck pillow hoodie boyfriend pesent
  • A waterproof travel organizer that’ll help him keep all of his cables, chargers, and gadgets in one place.  
  • A pair of versatile sunglasses with UV protection.

The Life of the Party

For the fun-loving guy, get a gift that brings out his happy-go-lucky. Some hits:

  • A movie: Does he love silly titles like The Hangover, Office Christmas Party, or Step Brothers? Get him a DVD and suggest a movie night.

  • Some funny clothes: Check out Tipsy Elves for some great, conversation-starting sweaters and more.

  • A great gag gift, like a lion’s mane that he can put on an unsuspecting pet.

          The Sentimental

          Maybe he wants a more traditional, romantic Valentine’s Day. In that case, we recommend a romantic activity for two:

          • For the foodie: Take him to a hot new restaurant or pack a picnic for the two of you.
          • The adrenaline junkie: Plan a fun-filled activity like indoor skydiving, parasailing or jet-skiing.
          • Mr. Relaxation: Schedule a spa day for two or give him an at-home massage.
          massage valentine's day

          Looking for more inspiration for what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? Check out My Gift Stop for great ideas and tips today.