How to Pick the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Him

How to Pick the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Him

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From sweet subscriptions to go-to gadgets, take the stress out of Valentine’s Day shopping this holiday season. We’ve rounded up a list of gifts for any guy on your list - so whether he’s a tech lover, a businessman, or a jet-setter, you’ll find something he’s sure to love.


Backpacks aren’t just for schoolchildren anymore. For a take-anywhere pack that will get him through business trips and weekend hikes, check out this waterproof pack with an included USB charging port and headphone interface.

valentine's gift for him

Monogrammed Wallet

Looking for something useful with a personal touch? Get him a handmade monogrammed leather wallet made with genuine high-quality leather.

monogrammed wallet valentine's day

Mini Espresso Maker

Is he always on-the-go and looking for a little midday pick-me-up? Get him a travel mug that actually brews espresso on the road. All he has to do is fill the top with ground espresso, fill the bottom with hot water, and press the button to brew the perfect shot of espresso.

espresso maker holiday gift for him

Gaming Console

Is he more of a child at heart? Get him a gaming console - like a Nintendo Switch - and pick out a couple of games for you to play together. Our top choice? Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It’ll bring out your inner children and provide a fun activity for the two of you to enjoy.

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Instant Film Camera

For the guy that likes to capture the moment, we recommend a portable instant film camera. One of the hardest parts of most digital cameras these days is actually getting your pictures printed and developed - most of the time, they just stay on your computer and memory cards. This instant polaroid camera will solve that problem and help you get some good snaps.

instant camera valentine's present for men

Subscription Box

Want to give him some options that he’s sure to love? Get him a subscription box for some products or services that are right up his alley. Here are some great choices:

For the Foodie   

Expand his palate with Try the World, a service that delivers high-quality foods from around the world every month. Alternatively, you can also choose an all-snack box for the guy on the go.

For the Fashion Lover

Does he hate shopping and always end up wearing the same threadbare go-to outfit. Or does he love clothes but never have time to go make a purchase? With Trunk Club, he’ll get 6-10 items a month - including shirts, pants, accessories, and shoes - and he’ll only have to pay for the items that he wants to keep.

trunk club gifts for him

For the Sports Nut

If he’s a sports fanatic, get him a subscription to Fanchest. He’ll get a curated box of licensed gear from his favorite sports team, including apparel, headwear, memorabilia, and exclusive merchandise.

For Personal Care

For the man that loves products and grooming, get a Birchbox. With the subscription, he’ll get 5 top-shelf samples from the best grooming brands on the market every month. Then, members will also receive access to the Birchbox shop (plus a discount!), so they can buy more of the products that they liked.

birchbox for men gift

Shaving Kit

If he’s more of a wash-and-go kind of guy, the only grooming he’ll likely invest in is shaving. Take his daily shaving routine up a notch with a The Art of Shaving shaving kit - it works for every guy and it will add a feel-good factor to his daily routine.


For an everyday, useful option, get a high-quality watch. If he’s more active, opt for a waterproof, sporty choice like this Casio G-Shock. If he’s more classic or business-minded, pick a versatile, high-end piece like this Mido leather watch.

mido watch gift for him


You just can’t go wrong with a great pair of wireless headphones. These days, the last thing that anyone wants to be dealing with is tangled wires or poor sound quality. Get him a pair of high-quality wireless headphones take away the frustration and get him jamming.

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