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Best Christmas Gifts for 2020

Christmas gift giving is not easy, and in fact, it can be quite stressful with so many gift ideas out there. Finding gifts that are trendy for this year is no less a daunting task. We searched high and low for the best Christmas gift ideas for 2020 to make this easy for you. So, take a read and leave a comment if we left out a gift idea that you think is trending this year.


Lego is one of those gifts that just will never get old, and if you think that is just reserved for kids, then my friend you are quite mistaken. Adults have been starting to gift and receive Lego sets for Christmas in recent years. A rule of thumb: the more complex the Lego set, the more the adult is going to enjoy it. Lego sets, like the coloring book craze a couple of years ago, are relaxing and brings out the inner child in all of us – and this is a good thing by the way.

Amazon Echo Spot

The Amazon Echo Spot is the newest addition to the Echo range of products. This new iteration of Amazon’s personal assistant comes with all of the features of the past two, but is smaller and carries a display screen, which comes with a selection of digital clocks or can be set with a background image of your choice. As with all Echoes, this model also pairs seamlessly with the Alexa app. On top of this, the Echo Spot features 2nd generation Far-Field technology with four microphones, Beamfield, and noise cancellation, so it can hear you no matter what is going on around you.

Ember Ceramic Mug

There is an epidemic that plagues our nation – hot coffee gets too cold too fast. Luckily, the Ember Ceramic Mug was designed to alleviate just this problem. This mug was awarded the Best Inventions accolade this year from Time Magazine. The Ember Ceramic Mug looks a lot more stylish than a thermos or even Yetis that do the same job. When used, your coffee or tea remains at a solid 145 degrees Fahrenheit. This default temperature can be raised or lowered using the app that you can download from iTunes or the Google Play Store. One of the features that I find most impressive is that you get a notification on your phone when your hot beverage has reached your preset ideal drinking temperature – so say goodbye to burnt lips and scalded tongues with the Ember Ceramic Mug.

Luminox Watches

The star of the watchmaking world this Christmas is a brand that isn’t exactly a household name like Michael Kors or Rolex – it’s Luminox. For those into watches, Luminox is neither an obscure brand or a new one. Luminox is quiet quality. In fact, their watches are worn by the elite tactical group – the Navy SEALs on all of their night missions where legibility of the time with limited light can make or break a mission. Luminox’s claim to fame is through their ‘Always Visible’ technology that uses borosilicate tubes that contain tritium, which makes the time… you guessed it – always visible.

Guess Bags

Guess bags are a favorite and a staple in every woman’s arsenal of accessories. Guess bags are incredibly fashion forward and also won’t cost you the arm that you’re supposed to hold it with. Compared to other name brand bags and purses, Guess delivers superior craftsmanship and a keen eye for the details that make these products excellent gift choices this year.

PlayStation 4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 Pro clearly won the console wars this year against the Xbox One X, even though the Nintendo Switch did extremely well very early on in the year. Despite that, this Christmas everyone was lined up to get the new PS4 Pro. PlayStation upped the ante with spellbinding graphics, 4K streaming, and to top it all off, the PS4 Pro is compatible with all PS4 games. If you’re not into gaming, the PS4 Pro doubles as a complete entertainment center.

Thanks for reading! We hope that you enjoyed this Christmas gift guide and it made your shopping a little easier this season.