Trick-or-Treat for Adults: Up Your Halloween Game With These Fun Party Gifts and Tricks

Trick-or-Treat for Adults: Up Your Halloween Game With These Fun Party Gifts and Tricks

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We all know that Halloween is the ultimate holiday for kids: between the candy, the costumes, and the free pass to stay out late, it’s every child’s free-for-all dream.

But that doesn’t mean that the adults have to miss out on the fun. While you may not be going door-to-door anymore, you don’t have to say goodbye to the thrill of All Hallow’s Eve. Here, we share some Halloween holiday gift-giving ideas to create the ultimate adult-friendly holiday bash.

Adult-Friendly Halloween Gifts

Indulge the Inner Child

Whether you’re throwing the party yourself or simply attending, the first step to a successful Halloween soiree is the costumes. Don’t worry, though - we’re not talking about a head-to-toe look. While most adults would probably shy away from this kind of over-the-top getup, they’ll definitely appreciate an understated, lighthearted upgrade to their party outfit.

Our recommendation is to keep it simple and bring along some options that your friends can put on without any fuss. Some chic Halloween-inspired temporary tattoos, costume jewelry or headwear should do the trick.

halloween headband gift ideas 

For a Chic Halloween

Newsflash: Halloween can be upscale, and you can take any party to the next level without breaking the bank by adding a few simple touches.

If you’re throwing the party, give your guests some chic-yet-spooky cocktails. If you’re attending, bring along some subtly themed goodie bags to elevate the event and leave your host utterly charmed. Some easy goodie bag go-to’s? Seasonally scented candles, some crystals for good Halloween energy, or a small home decoration like a picture frame or potpourri.

   chic halloween goodie bag gift

Sweet Tooth

Let’s face it - Halloween just wouldn’t be complete without a few sweet treats. Here, we recommend that you mix it up: set up some decorative bowls with classic candy options or make a few memorable treats of your own. Not sure where to start? Keep your homemade goods simple and playful with options like gummy worms “dirt cups” or some Halloween “pumpkins.”  

 worms in dirt halloween party gift  

Spooky Soiree 

If you’re feeling more into the spooky spirit, adding some scary elements to your look or to your party can really make it fun. A foolproof starting point? A classic Halloween playlist and some scary decorations. For the latter, some of our go-to’s include spider webs, skeletons, smoke machines or strobe lights - just make sure you don’t go too over-the-top and give people a headache.

Want to take it one step further? Send the music home with your friends by giving them some custom made CD’s or setting up a playlist that they can download themselves. This will commemorate the event and make it that much more memorable.

halloween party decoration ideas

Halloween should be fun at any age, and these simple party and gift-giving ideas will be sure to take any event that you’re a part of to the next level.

For more holiday gift-giving ideas and inspiration, check out My Gift Stop today.


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