The Ultimate Shoe Buying Guide

The Ultimate Shoe Buying Guide

More often than not, people are skittish about buying shoes as a gift. It’s so personal, they think. What if they’re the wrong size? What if the person doesn’t like the color or the style?

Usually, the go-to answer to all of these questions is, quite simply,  Never mind - I’ll get them something else instead. However, this “safer” opt-out may not really be the best option.

Why? Well, news flash, shoe buying doesn’t have to be so hard - and finding the right pair can really mean a lot to the recipient and make your gift stand out. After all, everyone needs and enjoys a good pair of shoes, which means that, if you get it right, they can really be a home-run gift.  

Here, we break it down and explain exactly how to buy the right shoe for everyone on your list.

For the Man In Your Life

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for your dad, your brother, or your significant other - the first choice you’ll have to make is between a casual or a formal look. Now, making this first decision should be easy. Just ask yourself - Is he in the office or in the gym? Is he more active or more refined? Think about how he spends the majority of his time and you’ll be able to narrow down your choice right away.

If he’s more casual, figure out if he’s more active or more relaxed. After all, being casual on a hike and being casual at a resort are two very different things, and they require very distinct shoes. For the active casual man, a neutral, all-purpose athletic shoe is a perfect choice. To this end, you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Nike or Adidas sneakers. That said, if you’re looking for a more unique choice, we recommend  Altra Running Shoes: they’re great for the gym, for a hike, or even for a long day of running errands.
For the more relaxed man, we recommend a classic pair of Sperry Boat Shoes. They’re versatile, comfortable, and suitable for any occasion.

casual shoe nike   sperry boat shoe casual


For the more formal man in your life, we recommend a classy, neutral-colored leather dress shoes. Some of our top choices? Allen Edmonds Leather Shoes or a Hugo Boss Leather Derby Dress Shoe. Both options are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for the transition from day to night. 

formal leather dress shoe   formal hugo boss leather dress shoe


For the Lucky Lady

Women are always looking for a comfortable, “everyday” shoe that they can easily wear in their day-to-day life. Once again, the key here is to determine where she spends most of her time and which shoe will be more useful to her. Do her feet get cold or does she live in a place where she has to deal with a lot of weather? If so, then a Bearpaw Winter Boot or a Sperry Waterproof Duck Boot would be a winning choice.  

If cold is not an issue, go for a lighter option. Two choices you can’t go wrong with? A classic Keds Lace-Up Sneaker or a Sperry Boat Shoe: they go with every outfit and they’ll keep her blister-free all day long.

sperry casual women's shoe  warm women's shoe gift guide


Looking for more shoe inspiration? Check out My Gift Stop and find the perfect choice for your loved ones today.