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Quiz - What. 's Your Watch IQ

Quiz: What’s Your Watch IQ?

Sure you’ve worn a few watches in your lifetime, but how much do you really know about these timeless timepieces? Ever wonder how you would finish in a Watch IQ Quiz?

Did you know the first self-winding watch has been around since the 1700s? The first automatic winding watch was invented in 1923… quite a few centuries later.

Back when we were selecting which timepieces to feature on this site, we set out to test our own Watch IQ. We’re happy to say we know a lot about our country’s most commonly worn jewelry. See how you fare!

Ready to test your timepiece smarts? We think you’ll have fun with this one:

1. Name the watchmaker that also makes cars?

a. Chopard
b. Rolex
c. Swatch
d. Timex
2. Which Disney character first appeared on a watch?
a. Snow White
b. Minnie Mouse
c. Cinderella
d. Mickey Mouse
3. What brand watch does Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) wear in “Back to the Future”?
a. Timex
b. Casio
c. Cartier
d. Swatch

4. What is the only form watches do not yet come in?

a. Ring Watch
b. Sunglass Watch
c. Earring Watch
d. Headband Watch

5. What is the name for someone who makes watches?

a. Horophile
b. Horologenius
c. Horologist
d. Horographer

6. Which brand is NOT one of the most expensive watch brands in the world?

a. Omega
b. Breguet
c. Parek Philippe
d. Girard-Perregaux

7. Which country is most known for watches?

a. Austria
b. Hungary
c. Switzerland
d. France

8. How many watches does the average man want?

a. 3 - Sporty, Dressy, High-Tech
b. 5 - All of the above plus 2 more Dressy
c. 15-20 One for every clothing style and color
d. 20+ The true style guru

9. People who collect watches, timepieces and clocks are called?

a. Chronometrists
b. Chronologists
c. Timeologists
d. None of the above

10. How much does the most expensive watch in the world cost?

a. $21,400 - Cartier
b. $17.8 million - Rolex
c. $55 million - Graff
d. $30 million - Breguet

There you have it! Are you ready to check your answers?

ANSWERS: 1c; 2d; 3b; 4b; 5c; 6a; 7c; 8a; 9d; 10c

If you got more than seven correct answers, you’re doing better than the average watch wearer! If you got less than seven, you might need remedial timepiece studying.

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