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Quincy Jones and his Signature Pens

Limited Edition Pens as Unique as Quincy

It’s should be no surprise that Quincy Jones middle name is Delight, for this multi-award winning artist, writer, producer, arranger, conductor, magazine founder, humanitarian and overall amazing musician has been lighting up our lives for decades. This wizard of life is so multi-talented that besides singing he plays several instruments including the trumpet, French horn, drums, piano and a synthesizer.

He has written numerous soundtracks, appeared in films, award shows, worked with Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and other highly notable vocalists and musicians so it is also no surprise that he is considered a legend in the music industry. Quincy was instrumental in uniting and producing, Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s, We Are the World, an album that sold over 20 million copies. And with all of those accolades behind him, he is said to be one of the most down-to-earth people in the business. “Check your egos at the door” is the sign he posted at the entrance of L.A.’s A&M Studios the night the song was recorded.

One would think this talented artist would be out of surprises, but did you know Quincy Jones was honored in yet another unexpected way? When Montegrappa celebrated an evening of Quincy Jones in Dubai to kick off their latest in celebrity-endorsed pens.  In case you’re not familiar, Montegrappa is a high-end Italian pen manufacturer that is known for developing limited edition pens as a tribute to legendary entertainers/performers, such as Sinatra and now Quincy Jones.

They are not your every day pens, that’s for sure, as they are as pricey as a month’s rent or mortgage for many. But for pen collectors or afficienados this is a one-time proposition that will never be again offered. Plus they will hold their value for years to come as there were only 1,933 pieces of each style produced. The reason: 1933 was the year Mr. Jones was born. We aren’t carrying the luxury markers, but take a close peek at the Quincy Jones roller ball and fountain pen. They are sexy and uber stylish.

The Montegrappa roller ball pen’s intriguing name, “The Secret Garden”, comes from its sterling silver celluloid love sculpture adhere to its black and orange inlay background. The opening screws on and the rollerball requires cartridge ink.

The limited edition Carbon Fiber fountain pen featuring the Quincy Jones name is also an original. It’s carbon fiber exterior is sleek, rugged and sophisticated all at the same time. This unique modle is aluminum and finished with a black carbon fiber inlay and silver tone nib. It also has a screw on opening and uses a piston filling system. 

For all you Quincy lovers, catch a quick glimpse of Quincy playing “Fly Me to the Moon” at the Dubai affair and don’t wait another minute to purchase one of these limited edition pens, another Quincy Jones original.

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