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Can a Sports Watch Help Athletic Ability?

We happen to believe the right sports watch can definitely help athletic ability. There are so many facets and components to various athletic endeavors. Each sport requires some common necessities, such as a stop watch, and also a few additional features specific to the sport.

Look at it this way, there is internal stress when earnestly trying to improve performance and even more so when competing. Any gadgets that can help alleviate stress and provide useful tools and information is bound to help a person’s athletic ability. If you’re thinking, why not just download apps on a mobile, you’re forgetting how clumsy it is to use when holding or even when it’s placed into a Velcro arm holder. 

We’re sure you’ll agree that sports watches can act as great assistants and trainers when the right features are included.

Stop watch: As mentioned, most athletes who are into just about any sport want to have a stop watch available. For competitive runners, triathletes, cyclists and swimmers a stop watch is critical to improving their race timing.

Built for punishment: Sports watches are built to take a beating. The chances of getting knocked around and banged up are pretty high, so the best sports watch manufacturers produce their timepieces with materials that provide the upmost in durability. There isn’t an athlete around who wants to worry about breaking their sports watch, so being able to count on heavy-duty wearability.

Casio GA110-1B Men's G-Shock

Extra Large World Time Ana-Digi Black Dial Alarm Black Resin Band Watch


Luminox Men's Black Strap Watch

Blackout EVO Navy Seal Black Dial Dive 3051.BO


G-Shock watches: Cascio came out with a line of G-shock watches intended to enhance an athlete’s performance by eliminating disadvantages. They are electric shock resistant, gravity resistant, low temperature resistant, vibration resistant, water resistant and tough. Additionally, many of them have easy-to-read dials like this Ana-Digi Blue Dial Alarm Watch and solar dials.


Fitness Tracking: Many of the sports brands are merging Smartwatches with traditional sports men's watches, for which most athletes have been waiting. The best of both worlds. Fitness tracking, GPS systems and blood pressure monitoring are included in many of the newest sports watches along with the traditional features we’ve come to expect, such as being waterproof.

Sports Watch Prices: One of the best things about sports watches is that they come in all price ranges, from the mid-$50s to several hundreds. We know most athletes would agree that sports watches are worth any price; they add much to the athletic process.

They look cool: You can’t deny it, when you see someone – man or woman – with a futuristic, yet rugged timepiece, they look like an athlete, whether they are or not. It’s a nice look and conveys a bit of confidence and style all at the same time.