Most Popular Invicta Watches (for Men & Women)

Invicta watches are becoming more popular as they serve their utilitarian purpose of telling time well, but also provide a bold and unique sense of style. Featuring uniquely shaped rims, odd textures, and carefully crafted and detailed designs, Invicta has quickly risen to popularity in recent years.

Of course, for the serious watch collector, knowing whether a luxury brand is high quality is more important than the style or design of a watch.  

In this article, you will discover everything you need to know about the Invicta brand, from whether they are a good brand, to where the watches are made, and why they are so affordable.

The team at My Gift Stop will help you find popular Invicta watches that are a perfect fit for your needs, whether you are looking for men's or women’s styles.

The Most Popular Invicta Watches to Shop for

While Invicta watches have earned a reputation for being some of the best affordable watches on the market, that does not mean that they are worse than other brands. Invicta watches are so popular because of how functional their timepieces are while remaining beautiful.

As if to speak for the quality of their watches, the company named the brand “Invicta” taking inspiration from the Latin word “Invincible”. The brand wanted to showcase the strength of their watchmaker’s craftsmanship.

Invicta offers a wide range of options from everyday casual wear to dressy, luxury designs that rival even expensive timepieces. Their Pro Diver line is by far the top choice for those who want to continue to wear a beautiful watch near water, as their Pro Diver watches are water-resistant up to 650 feet.

Each new style or line of watches that Invicta comes out with never fails to amaze watch collectors. The design and craftsmanship that goes into each watch is astonishing, all for something that, on the low end, can cost just under $100.

Because of its many features and inexpensive price range, many people have taken to dubbing Invicta an “affordable luxury brand” as it has the same look and feel that you might expect with watches that are much more expensive.


Invicta 26972 Pro Diver Quartz 3 Hand Blue Dial

The Invicta men’s Pro Diver model 26972 is a beautiful specimen that features a 40 mm stainless steel casing. The movement mechanism inside is a high-quality Japanese quartz, able to keep perfect functionality with few hassles and less dropped time between ticks.

Invicta’s 26972 Pro Diver watch features a polished two-tone stainless steel band finish, providing an elegant and refined look that can still function in very casual settings. The band size runs close to 20mm, making it one of the smaller sizes offered by the brand, perfect for those who prefer modest bands over bulky.

The timepiece’s blue dial perfectly contrasts the metallic chrome of the stainless-steel casing and band, giving it a luxurious feel for a watch that retails for less than $500. The crystal facing of this beautiful timepiece is scratch-resistant, keeping the piece in tip-top shape even through rigorous wear, all without driving up the price.

The Pro Diver line features water-resistant casing up to 650 feet, allowing you to enjoy the luxuries of an elegant watch design while retaining functionality in or near water, or even for activities that induce heavy sweating.

Invicta 0074 Pro Diver Quartz Chronograph Gold Dial

This watch has been a popular choice since the brand released it, never ceasing to make dresswear look even better. The champagne gold finish carefully accents the pushers, crown, and bezel of the watch which feature unique engraving patterns and a solid color link-style band.

The champagne gold finish is ion-plated, so while it might not have the full metal finish of a luxury watch, it still gives the appearance of one. The case measures just under 50 mm in diameter with a solid gold finish on the dial window, complete with an analog display to give this modern watch a classic appearance.

As with other Invicta watches, the movement mechanism is powered with high-quality Japanese quartz which enables the timepiece to be perfectly functional without raising the price. The flame fusion crystal dial enables this watch to shrug off scratches and prevent light wear and tear.

Like other models in the Pro Diver line, this watch is water-resistant up to 650 feet, making it an elegant choice for dress wear and heavy sweating, or swimming at professional diving depths.

Invicta 15252 Gold Pro Diver

Invicta’s Pro Diver line provides designs for women with the perfect mix of elegance and utility. There is a range of colors in this series from brushed bronze to rose gold, but all feature the same uniquely decorated casing which holds a mix of metal and set gemstones.

Like other watches by the brand, it features Japanese quartz at its core for perfect functionality. The band is crafted of a pure yellow gold plated stainless steel to create a glowing look that accentuates any dress wear.

This watch features a fashionable gemstone inlaid dial, giving it a radiant and ethereal look to the watch face. 30 rich crystals are faceted on the outside of the dial to perfectly accentuate the angelic look of this watch, making a bold statement of capability and elegance in one.

The case size is smaller than some other watches sold by the brand at just under 40mm in diameter, and it features the same proven flame fusion crystal to resist scratching and everyday light wear. This model is also water resistant up to 650 feet, making it ideal for daily wear but still able to be brought out in humid conditions.

Invicta 8928 Pro Diver Automatic 3 Hand Blue Dial

This boldly elegant specialty watch from Invicta showcases a strong image with bold strokes and daring pushes on the boundaries of classical styles. This design is perfect for those in the professional world looking to impress their peers or make a statement of authority.

While this watch has a small case thickness of 14mm, it makes up for it in strong gold colors plated over a stainless-steel material. This watch still features the same flame fusion crystal to help protect the timepiece from wear, and Japanese quartz movement to provide precision timekeeping.

The dial features bold, bright numbers and a strong gold finish inside a gold rim, complete with a gold bezel and gold case. This is a strong watch candidate for anyone looking to make bold impressions in any industry, or for those look for a bold yet casual statement piece to dress down with everyday wear.

Our Choice for the Best Invicta Watch for Men

In a man’s world, watches are a symbol of status and power. (1) These timepieces are functional, but they also provide a secondary, more important service that you can’t get with your cellphone: societal status. This has kept watchmakers in business, despite the digital age.


“Watches have grown as men have adopted “a kind of car collector approach” to buying them, said Tom Kalenderian, general merchandise manager of Barneys New York. “Guys wanted a fine timekeeping device that not only kept time but said something about status and personal style,”

  • Guy Trebay


While professional peers might not show interest in the type of cellphone you have, they have always cared about the right watch. If you can’t afford to buy the right watch, a less expensive watch is often better than no watch at all.

At My Gift Stop, our team has chosen our top choice for the best Invicta watch for men to show off their status. You might not be surprised that it is on our list, as well.

The 8930 Pro Diver watch has made our top choice. This watch is easy to dress up or down depending on your needs, making it one of the best versatile watches reviewed here. The bold, contrasting colors make a strong statement of authority and a status of importance.

If gold is not the right choice for your complexion, you can make a similar statement with the two-tone gold and steel finish with the 8927 Pro Diver watch. This watch maintains the same strong body as the 8930 without the pure gold detail.


Our Choice for the Top Invicta Watch for Women

In the modern professional world, women are quickly rising to the top, but the truth still stands; timepieces are a show of societal stature and importance.

Our choice for the best Invicta watches for women is also one featured on the Most Popular Invicta Watches list; the Pro Diver 15252 watch.

This watch gives off a glowing, ethereal look with a circling crystal inlaid dial complemented perfectly by a pure gold-plated stainless-steel casing and band. This watch makes the perfect statement of competent, beautiful, and capable.

Our runner-up choice for women who prefer a little less ethereal glitz is the Pro Diver 12819, which features a pure diamond and silver band, dial, lettering and hands for a simpler yet authoritative statement.


Are Invicta Watches Good Quality?

For many, a Swiss-made luxury watch might not be within reach, but it is still important to showcase a strong status symbol. (2) Invicta uses materials that are perfectly functional but also mimics these higher-end luxury brands.


“In 1995, access to watches was largely relegated to what department stores like Burdines, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, etc., carried in their cases and the majority of these watches, while being Swiss, were quartz/battery-operated.”

  • Ariel Adams


While Invicta watches might not be the epitome of luxury swiss make, they do their job, and they do it well. Often, you can find these timepieces for anywhere between $50 and $600 depending on the functionality you are looking for. This has rightfully earned them the name “affordable luxury watches.”


Why Is Invicta So Affordable?

These watches are so affordable because many of their less expensive watch lines are produced in China, where many watch parts are manufactured today.

A large portion of a watchmaking company’s expenses comes from manufacturing costs. A lower manufacturing cost enables the company to produce their parts at a fraction of the price of Swiss-made watches.

Another cost watchmaking companies must consider is the cost of making their movements in-house. Automatic movements, which Invicta uses, can add to the price quickly. The company has chosen to move their movement manufacturing elsewhere, which has enabled them to reduce their manufacturing costs even further. Instead, they outsource their movements to companies better known for their movements, like ETA, Seagull, Miyoto, and Seiko.

These savings are passed onto the consumer through the lower retail price of similar-looking watches. In turn, they can sell a larger volume of watches compared to higher quality brands, though their watches are built to look like the latest luxury watches with synthetic sapphire dials and ion-plated gold bands.

Outsourcing the cost of manufacturing, as well as using techniques that use fewer materials, or less expensive materials, are the two main ways that the company keeps their watch prices so affordable to the everyday wearer.

Where are Invicta Watches Made?

Many people find themselves wondering where the most popular Invicta watches are made. Surely for a timepiece that looks this luxurious, it can’t be made in Switzerland.

You might be surprised to learn that this was not the case, for a long time. The original company used to be headquartered in Switzerland, but they failed during the Swiss quartz crisis in the late 1900s. Unfortunately, since this company failed, the name was then purchased by a company in Florida to take over and continue the brand’s legacy.

In short, the watches that were made before the quartz crisis were indeed Swiss watches, but the new Invicta, purchased after the original’s failure, has little relation to that company beyond the name.

Modern watch parts are mostly manufactured in China and Japan as the production cost is lower and enables many companies to offer their products for a reasonable price. Invicta follows this trend, allowing them to offer affordable watches that still provide quality expected of the brand’s name.

The brand does sell some swiss made timepieces which enables them to still call themselves a company that produces Swiss-made watches, despite having no relation to the original brand.

Asian-made watches typically contain their Japanese quartz movement, while their Swiss-made watches will contain Swiss quartz. Swiss watches must have at least half of their overall value added in Switzerland to be labeled “Swiss made.”



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