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Rite Edge Folding Knife- 4.5 inch Black Blade Grey Web Skull Handle | SZ300451-GY
Rite Edge Folding Knife- 4.5 inch Black Blade Red Web Skull Handle | SZ300451-RD
Rite Edge Skinner Knife - Full Tang Plain Blade Brown Pakkawood Handle | SZ211129
Rite Edge Knife - Diver's Straight-Back Blade Yellow Rubberized Handle | SZ210424-YW
Rite Edge Hemostat - 6.5 inch Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Hemo Curved | SZ100311
Rite Edge Hemostat - 5 inch Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Hemo Curved | SZ100305-SL
Rite Edge Hemostat - 5 inch Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Straight | SZ100304-SL
Rite Edge Folding Knife - Don't Tread On Me 5 inch Camouflage Handle | SZ300244-CM
Rite Edge Patch Knife - Fixed Stainless Steel Blade Brown Wood Handle | SZ203296
Rite Edge Multi-Tool Knife - Everyday 13 Function Satin Steel Swiss Type | SZ213006
Save $11.72
Rite Edge Fixed Knife - Skinner 8 inch Damascus Blade and Horn Handle | SZDM-1054
Rite Edge Fixed Knife - Flamed Skull Clip Point Blade Knuckleduster Grip | SZ210996
Rite Edge Bullet Knife - 30-06 Stainless Steel Blade with Nail Nick | SZ210849-1
Rite Edge Fruit Knife - 3 inch Stainless Steel Blade Pakkawood Handle | SZ210662-3
Rite Edge Fixed Knife - 10.5 inch Black Overall Sgian Dubh Scottish Dirk | SZ210549
Rite Edge Carver Set - High Quality Sturdy Stainless Steel Wax, 4 Piece | SZ100370
Rite Edge Chisel Pick Set - Double Headed High Quality Stainless Steel | SZ100549

Rite Edge Knives: Where Tradition Meets Contemporary Excellence


Rite Edge Knives, a brand that seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern ingenuity. Rite Edge Knives stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of time-honored knife-making techniques and innovative design. Established with a commitment to quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, Rite Edge Knives has earned a reputation for producing knives that resonate with both collectors and outdoor enthusiasts.


What Defines Rite Edge Knives?

Rite Edge Knives stands out for its unwavering dedication to producing knives that embody the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Each blade is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and a deep understanding of user needs.


What Types of Knives Does Rite Edge Offer?

Rite Edge Knives offers a diverse range of knife styles, including hunting knives, pocket knives, and folding knives. Each model is thoughtfully designed to cater to specific purposes, ensuring versatility and functionality.


Are Rite Edge Knives Made from Quality Materials?

Rite Edge Knives prioritize the use of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and durable handle materials. This ensures that their knives not only offer exceptional cutting performance but also stand the test of time.


Does Rite Edge Embrace Traditional Techniques?

Yes, Rite Edge Knives pay homage to traditional knife-making techniques while incorporating modern advancements. This results in knives that carry the legacy of craftsmanship while meeting the demands of contemporary users. Rite Edge Knives cater to a wide audience, from avid hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to collectors who appreciate the artistry of finely crafted blades.


Can Rite Edge Knives Be Used for Everyday Tasks?

Absolutely, Rite Edge Knives are designed for both everyday tasks and specialized purposes. Their versatile range ensures that whether you need a dependable EDC (Everyday Carry) knife or a reliable tool for outdoor adventures, there's a Rite Edge option for you.


Rite Edge Knives stand as a testament to the brand's commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship while embracing innovation. With a focus on quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, Rite Edge Knives continue to make their mark in the world of cutlery.