Men's Watches

The most popular trends for men’s watches this year revolve around lifestyle more than ever before. The selection is so vast that most men own more than two watches to use for different occasions. Typically sports watches are much more bulky than classically thin timepieces. There are sports watches that include pertinent mechanisms for specific activities, such as diving and running. Of course, designer watches are always in style. Vintage watches have also caught the attention of the male watch buff.

The most common types of men’s watches are: Automatic (self-winding), Chronograph (best time keeping dials), Quartz (ultra-luxury), Atomic (most accurate time), Diver (water resistant), Luxury, Gold, Quartz and Solar. See below to get a better idea of which watch will best suit your style.

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Men’s Watch Buying Guide: Which Watch is for me?

Aside from personal taste and style, this buying guide will help you select the best men’s watch for your lifestyle! Review the key components of each type of watch and narrow down your choices.

Atomic Watches are radio controlled. They receive a low frequency every night so they stay in perfect sync with the U.S. atomic clock in Colorado. It is the most accurate of all watches. The best and most attractive models and brands are designed by Casio and Citizen.

Automatic Watches are common place now and wind themselves automatically through the mechanics of the mainspring and the motion of the wearer. One of the most popular manufacturers for automatic watches is Orient. Take a peek and check out your favorites.

Casual Men’s Watches: For your everyday wear, we’ve selected some of the most popular casual men’s watches that are known for durability, comfort and appearance. This year our front runners are models made by Seiko, Invicta and Movado.

Chronograph Watches are generally used as stopwatches so that are perfect for sports and other activities that rely on capturing time. Our most popular 2018 line is Mido for its sophisticated and unusual models, such as the Ocean Star Rubber Strap Chronograph.

Diamond Watches are varied; some are styled with diamond faces, bezels or both! They range in price and even the most exclusive are more affordable than you might guess. Our picks are Kenneth Cole and Bulova – luxury personified!

Diver Watches have become so popular that many great brands have come out with their own versions. Luminox, Invicta and of course, Casio  have outstanding diving varieties from which to choose.

Yellow Gold Watches have come back in fashion. For a while, it was more common to see white gold and titanium timepieces, but we’re pleased to see yellow gold’s return into the spotlight. Wenger and TW Steel have quite a few unique models that will dress up just about any business or social activity.

Luxury Watches: What can we say? The styles and designs of our luxury line are vast. Michael Kors, Ferragamo and Edox are a few of our favorites. But the truth is, the selection is endless and will give a guy plenty of choices. Large faces, small faces, link bands, leather bands, intricate mechanisms or basic classic lines – we have them all.

Quartz Watches use an electronic oscillator that works with a quartz crystal to keep time automatically. They are considered to be very precise and some think they are even better time keepers than atomic watches. Our excellent selection of Nixon brand quartz watches come in several different metals, such as rose gold and gunmetal.

Solar Watches can get recharged by nearly any source of light and they can run for long periods of time without losing their charge. Considered to be eco-friendly, solar watches are moving into the forefront more each year. This year’s solar focus is on the Citizen line, as there is an abundance of styles and types for every watch wearer.