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Maserati Men's Chronograph Watch - Attrazione Silver Dial Swiss | R8871626002Maserati Men's Chronograph Watch - Attrazione Silver Dial Swiss | R8871626002
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Maserati Men's Chronograph Watch - Attrazione Silver Dial Two Tone | R8873626002Maserati Men's Chronograph Watch - Attrazione Silver Dial Two Tone | R8873626002
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Maserati Men's Chronograph Watch - Tradizione Quartz Brown Dial | R8871625001Maserati Men's Chronograph Watch - Tradizione Quartz Brown Dial | R8871625001
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Maserati Men's Chronograph Watch - Circuito Quartz Leather Strap | R8871627004Maserati Men's Chronograph Watch - Circuito Quartz Leather Strap | R8871627004
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Maserati Men's Chronograph Watch - Circuito Blue Leather Strap | R8871627002Maserati Men's Chronograph Watch - Circuito Blue Leather Strap | R8871627002

Maserati Watches - A Race in Time

For most people, the name Maserati is synonymous with speed, racing, luxury, and costly, right? Well if you have never seen the cleverly designed Maserati watches, you are in for a big surprise. Think affordable and you’ll be on the right track.

Of course, it all started in 1914 when the Maserati brothers (Alfieri, Ettore, and Ernesto) from Bologna, Italy founded their namesake car brand and established the company’s reputation for excellence. Brother Mario wasn’t interested in car racing but was tasked with designing the company’s logo. After careful thought, Mario chose to model the logo after the statue of Neptune that is positioned in the fountain in the Piazza Maggiore in Bologna. Neptune’s trident was selected as the inspiration for the logo that is still being used today for all of Maserati’s automobiles, accessories, apparel, and watches.

Excellence through Passion

The Maserati logo that Mario designed in 1926 is a take-off on Neptune’s trident and is often displayed in white on a blue background along with the tagline, “excellence through passion”. The tagline aptly describes the Maserati family’s sheer passion for elegance and engineering perfection, which can be easily seen in all of their products… and that includes the lines of Maserati watches. 

Each timepiece celebrates the company’s stellar sporting history. For example, the GranTurismo, Successo, and Traguardo chronograph series have stainless steel cases and three sub-dial displays which purposely mirror the dashboard and sleek lines of early racing cars. Clearly, this company is passionate about excellence in each design within its watch collections.

Approachable Luxury

Maserati’s are one of the most expensive sports cars available; in fact, they rank 15th in the world with prices around $200,000. It surprises many of our customers that the price point for Maserati watches and other accessories remains in the “very affordable” category. We call it approachable luxury - which means you can flaunt the Maserati name without the normally associated price tag. Many of our customers collect Maserati watches because of their unique styles as well as their prices.

Today’s consumers clearly understand that luxury is no longer defined by exclusivity, privilege, and income. During these somewhat volatile economic times, luxury watches that fit within the approachable luxury category continue to become more and more popular.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Maserati watches made in Italy?

As with most of the Maserati luxury accessories, Maserati watches are made by an outside company. In fact, the Maserati watches are mostly made by Sector, an Italian-based watch company that is part of the Italian watch group Morellato. Sector is best known for manufacturing watches for outside brands, such as Maserati, Furla, and Trussardi. You know you are getting a high-quality piece, as the company is a leader in Italian sports watchmaking. They use the best of the best with Swiss technology along with world-renowned Italian design to ensure each Maserati watch suits the style and high-level reputation of the company. 

Are Maserati watches considered luxury watches? 

As mentioned earlier, Maserati watches are considered “approachable luxury” watches, which means you can buy them for much less than you would pay for a Rolex, Patek, or Omega - and those brands are on the low-end of the high-priced luxury watch category.

However, since the name Maserati is so closely associated with luxury and superior engineering, Maserati watches are considered a luxury item as they successfully combine elegance, style, and versatility to their impressive range of watches.

How much do Maserati watches cost?

You are going to be very surprised when you find out that Maserati watches are priced well within your budget yet are well-built, made with good-quality movements, in designs that everyone loves. Since the majority are sold with electronic movements that are sourced from both Switzerland and Japan, Maserati is able to keep the costs down.

Maserati watches are definitely within the scope of affordability. My Gift Stop almost always has a few models that are on sale, so you can expect great prices supported by our 1-2 years limited warranties.