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Why Men Love Luminox Watches

Men love Luminox watches for so many reasons…

They are classy. They are rugged. They are sexy. They are durable. They are Swiss made. They provide long-lasting luminescence. They have amazing features. They have batteries that last about four years. Navy Seals wear them. The Coast Guard uses them. They are perfect for all sports. There are special models for specific sports. Women love them too! Need we say more?

Three of Our Favorite Luminox models…

If you are in the market for a Luminox watch, we know you will love the models below. They all include precision timekeeping that Swiss watchmakers are known for, the luminescence that gave Luminox its name, and the simple yet classy style most men desire. Of course, selecting the perfect Luminox watch is based on your personal taste and the features that make your life (and sports) easier!



The Luminox 3082 Colormark blackout watch is from the Navy SEAL Chronograph collection and is always one of the most popular models. It is tough, durable - yet its lightweight polycarbonate makes it feel weightless (1.8 oz), which is a real advantage when diving or engaged in any sport where any extra weight can impede progress and/or comfort. 

Its hands and markers are luminous and it comes with a 10-years factory illumination warranty, 2-year factory warranty on the movement. Plus, we have frequent sales on this extremely popular model.





This Luminox 3051 BO Strap Watch Blackout EVO Navy SEAL model is always a favourite. The blackout feature is perfect for activities where stealth visibility is essential. It is water-resistant up to 200 meters and comes with a durable rubber/silicone strap that can withstand water pressure and snags. Luminox uses quartz movement which is far more accurate than other brands that use mechanical movements. Plus, it never needs winding - it will run for years using the same battery!


Luminox 3005
 Luminox 3005


The Luminox Men’s 3005 model is the original Navy SEAL dive watch that was introduced in 1994. It became the cornerstone of the Luminox brand and literally made it the watch to wear for divers and others who could benefit from its constant “glow feature”.  This, along with the other models, are nearly indestructible, which makes them an amazing value for such a reasonable price. The Luminox 3005 model is perfect for activities that don’t require the blackout feature, such as hiking and other high visibility sports. 

My Gift Stop is Committed to Luminox   

As you can see by shopping through all of our Luminox watches, we are committed to selling the highest quality models at affordable prices. You will receive your watch in its original packaging and your purchase is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty and 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the illumination system. These are just a few of the reasons that men love the Luminox brand.

We are also happy to announce occasional sales on the,, and the 3005 models in addition to some of our other favourites.