What to Buy at Martin Luther King Jr. Day Weekend Sales

What to Buy at Martin Luther King Jr. Day Weekend Sales

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What to Buy at Martin Luther King Jr. Day Weekend Sales


2020 was quite a year, and as we make our way through to the January of a new year, it’s time to leave the past behind and look forward to a better 2021. And there is no better way to celebrate the future than with the perfect gift for somebody you love!


Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. by indulging in some retail therapy, and read on below for advice from our shopping gurus on where to find the best MLK sales on the internet, what to look for in a gift, and what to avoid.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Post-Holiday Weekend Sales

Because January arrives just after the usual flurry of December’s Holiday Season, the discerning shopper should be on the lookout for certain promotions in January.


However, because retailers don’t usually call this shopping event “Martin Luther King Jr. Day Sales,” or “MLK Sales,” your best bet is to be on the lookout for euphemisms such as “Winter Clearance Sales,” “Three-Day Sales Madness” or “Long Weekend Sales.”


These sales might see some particularly good deals on household items that are marked down, and some retailers may also provide some pretty great deals in an attempt to offload some of their unsold stock of winter clothing.

There will also be opportunities for find deals in a number of other categories.


Winter Gear

One such category is winter gear. With Spring just around the corner and Christmas in the rearview mirror, many retailers are intent on discounting some of their winter clothing in order to make room for the new season’s designs. This can be a great time to find a deal on a winter coat, extra-warm boots or even some extra-comfy flannels or pajamas.

Sunglasses Sales

Another hot ticket in early January can be found with sales of sunglasses for men as well as really great deals for sunglasses for women.


With items including brands like Burberry, Oakley and Tom Ford, you’ll be sure to find the right look that will keep you from squinting in the sun, all while looking great.


Another great category to explore for some great deals is in the shoe department. There are plenty of good men’s shoes to choose from, including brands like Dickies, Garmont, Kodiak and more. Take your pick, with items that run the gamut from sandals to dress shoes to winter boots.


Buying a timepiece for a man is more about helping him figure out what time it is - it’s about telling your man’s fashion story.


And because everyday brings a new challenge, a man often often needs different watch styles for different looks. That’s why it’s a great idea to search through some of the best deals on watches for men. You never know what you might find!


For example, why not take a closer look at what Luminox is offering. These are watches designed to be tough, durable and come at a reasonable price. These watches are so tough they’re generally considered the official watch of the U.S. Navy Seals!

Another possibility is to explore the offerings from Orient. These watches for men are from Japan, and have the advantage of top-level quality, craftsmanship and value.


Orient Watches

Finally, take a gander at the options available from Victorinox Swiss Army. Produced by the same company that sells the ultra-famous Swiss Army knives, Victorinox watches are a luxury brand that any man would be lucky to get his hands on.


Big Ticket Items and Categories to Avoid on MLK Weekend

Unlike Memorial Day sales in late May or Labor Day sales in September, MLK Day is not primarily known as a big shopping holiday. And for that reason, there are certain categories that are not affected by the Long Weekend Sales that usually occur around MLK Day.


Some of the general categories to avoid include:

Mattresses and Bedding

For some reason, the best deals in mattresses and bedding are to be had after February 15th, or President’s Day. Along with Memorial Day and Labor Day sales, President’s day will get you the best deals on bedding, so if you can, wait until a little later in the year to go after these items.


Sure, electronics are all the rage, and with the pandemic keeping many people indoors much more than usual, we can understand the temptation to get yourself a brand new flat screen TV. However, MLK Day is not known for great deals on electronics. The best deals in this category are usually had on Amazon Prime Day, which usually occurs each year in the summer. July 2021 is the next likely Amazon Prime Day, but it has not yet been officially announced.


You may have your eyes on that brand new vacuum or dishwasher, but this is likely not the weekend for it. Focus on the categories mentioned above for the best deals. Think watches, shoes, sunglasses, or even some smaller kitchen items.

Find the Best Deals at MyGiftShop.com

Because many people take time off on or around long weekends, retailers often take advantage by throwing sales.


Do you want a great deal? There’s no better place to look than MyGiftShop.com! Visit our site today and discover the deals you can find. Grab the best deals quickly before we sell out!

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