What is the Difference between Victorinox and Wenger Watches?

What is the Difference between Victorinox and Wenger Watches?

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While both of them may be primarily known for their Swiss Army knives, Victorinox has the distinct honor of being the first company to produce the product. When Wenger started producing their own version, a long-running debate was born. Which was better?

Perhaps the best way to answer the question is to find out what the difference is between Victorinox and Wenger watches by looking into the history of each company.

Victorinox Swiss Army

They may be famous for their watches today, but Victorinox actually got its start producing  cutlery, back in the 1880s, and under another name. It was actually only renamed Victorinox in 1908, in honor of the founder’s late mother.  

The company, also known for their Swiss Army knives, actually only started making watches in 1989. They integrate Swiss precision and the spirit of adventure into their watches. Never willing to compromise on mechanical excellence, each watch goes through 100 quality control tests, so its performance matches its elegant construction.

Victorinox developed the I.N.O.X. watch with ultimate functionality at its core. The company created 130 quality control tests while developing the first I.N.O.X. watch, and some versions are so durable that they still function after a 10 meter fall or after being run over by a tank. The various I.N.O.X. collections have their own story and personality, so people can easily find their favoriite watch. 


Starting out as a knife factory in 1893, Wenger shaped into a company known for its travel gear. In 1997, it began developing watches with cutting-edge versatility and precision. Their many watch collections contain a contemporary essence for today’s men and women.

Each watch provides a harmony of strength and delicacy, sporty agility and breath-taking elegance. The Urban Classic collection is the perfect example of these qualities, making them ideal unisex watches for today’s hardworking people.

Is There a Difference?

Each of these Swiss companies have their own distinct style. While both Victorinox and Wenger offer watches with the best Swiss craftsmanship and precision, Wenger’s watches lean more towards a modern and contemporary style. In contrast, Victorinox Swiss Army watches emphasize luxury that is wrapped in good old-fashioned workmanship.

Wenger is a household name when it comes to travel gear, so their watches are a little more durable with a casual feel and appearance. Victorinox is still the winner when it comes to the Swiss Army knife, and for one important reason: they actually acquired Wenger in 2005 as part of a restructuring deal that changed the ownership group but kept the product connected to its Swiss roots.

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