The History of Alpina Watches

The History of Alpina Watches

Starting way back in 1883, Alpina watches have been a large part of the horological industry. The company is known for continually seeking new business methods and opportunities for improving all areas of the business.

Alpina history  It all began with Gottleib Jauser, an independent watchmaker in Switzerland, who was having a difficult time sourcing parts and materials for his watches. He came up with a big idea that would help everyone who was experiencing the same challenges. He founded the Alpina Swiss Watchmakers Corporation, which brought together a group of leading-edge Swiss watchmakers to manufacture timepieces and its parts in conjunction with the manufacturers and suppliers. Over time Alpina started developing and producing their own calibres and chronometers in-house.


1901: J. Straub & Company was the main caliber supplier and realized that Alpina had developed some innovative technology that many manufacturers were using. He registered the 12 and 19 line calibers and within no time, watch manufacturers started using the Alpina triangle on their timepieces.  The new red Alpina triangle logo was created and trademarked and became the mark for exceptional quality, precision, and workmanship.

1913: Alpina became the chronometers supplier for the German Navy, which was an incredible opportunity as there was well over 800,000 personnel in 1944. 

1921: Alpina became a larger supplier for time instruments for military pilots. This led to the manufacturing of the now-famous Pilots Legs watch, which was used by Air Force servicemen.

The reason it was dubbed Pilots Legs, is because it truly was work on a pilot’s leg over the Air Force uniform so they could take measurements accurately. The original pieces are in high demand and are generally seen in high-end auction houses. 

1926: International Watch Guarantee was introduced by Alpina, which brought the brand much international attention. It was a successful move and gave Alpina the quality and reliability niche that pushed other manufacturers to follow suit.

1933: The Alpina Watch “Block Uhr” was released and was the First Sports watch with truly innovative features. It’s steel case and a newly patented crown reduced the amount of dust and particles that could damage the inner mechanisms.

1938: The Alpina 4 was introduced; its name refers to the four key features. Anti-magnetic to help keep time and avoid magnetize to any electrical objects. Waterproofing to keep it safe during the ever-popular snow sports in Switzerland. Anti-shock which helped the watch stay intact when knocked about during sporting events. Stainless steel was used to protect the watch from simple scratches.

1953: Alpina celebrated its 70th Anniversary and released the Alpina 70, which was comprised of the Alpina 4 sports features along with the 592 and 598 calibres. The watch also sported a gold logo on the dial which helped make this watch so popular.

1959: The Alpina 4 Chronograph was introduced as the Alpina sports watch with a telemeter chronograph, which was perfect for measuring distance by the speed of sound. This addition continued to set Alpina apart from its competitors.

1969: Alpina’s first watch for divers and was named the 10 Seastrong and was used by professional and amateur divers. This model sported two crowns… one for decompression time and the other to adjust the time. Both had waterproof seals although the chronograph portion of the watch was not meant to work underwater.

2017: Alpina released its first smartwatch at Basel World 2017. This horological smartwatch offers connected activity and sleep tracking functionalities. Some models are water resistant, and some are not. All of the functions are adjustable via the crown.

The AlpinerX: The latest innovation from Alpina is a hybrid smartwatch that is filled with technology. It has a long battery life and needs no recharging. It has a comprehensive sensor array, a sapphire crystal, and a hardwearing body. It has a more traditional style versus the Casio type sports watches which means it is suitable for business, evening events, as well as sporting events.

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