Inspired by Navy Seals: Luminox Black Out Watches

Inspired by Navy Seals: Luminox Black Out Watches

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Inspired by Navy Seals: Luminox Black Out Watches

The Luminox Navy SEAL watch is the timepiece that put the company on the map and brought it fame and a permanent place among the wide array of Swiss-made watches. The company was originally discovered in 1992 when Naval officer Nick North went on a hunt to find a more dependable watch for the Navy SEAL’s night missions. Once he learned about Luminox, he worked with the company to develop a custom-tailored timepiece that would satisfy the precise needs of the SEALS.

The outstanding feature of all Luminox watches is its cutting-edge illumination technology that allows high-performance even in blackout situations. To this day, the Luminox Navy Seal Black Out Chronograph collection continues to be on the most popular list for recreational divers and outdoor adventurers alike.

There are so many advantages to wearing this watch for sports and other timed activities, as the chronograph allows the wearer to hit the stop-watch function effortlessly. Many sports require gloves which make it difficult to maneuver delicate movements, but these watches were developed to make using the time-stamp with ease. And that is only one of the Black-Out collections’ best features...

The Luminox Light Technology

The unique Luminox Light Technology provides “at-a-glance” visibility, with a continuous glow all day and night, every day, regardless of external conditions - and for up to 25 years! The light source is not the typical phosphorescent paint that requires recharging from a light source. Nor is it a system that requires the wearer to push a button to turn on the battery-driven illumination.

The innovative light technology is self-powered and employs tiny micro gas (tritium) light tubes to create constant illumination, which is one of the collections’ most important and unique characteristics. Also known as borosilicate glass capsules, these tiny tubes provide ongoing visibility on the hour markers, hands, and in some cases on the bezels.

NOTE: Tritium is completely safe for day-to-day wear.

One of Our Favourites: Luminox Model 

Here is why we love the 3082:

  • The ALWAYS VISIBLE function powered by the Luminox Light Technology is second-to-none
  • Its black plastic bracelet is sturdy enough to withstand just about any extreme sport
  • One-way rotating bezel along with a textured push/pull main crown with function controls makes it easy to use
  • Black dial with pronounced number and index hour markers also sports white luminous hands for optimum                                                      readability
  • The chronograph offers a 12/24-hour time and date display window
    • Mineral crystals are used for the utmost in scratch resistance
    • The timepiece will resist water pressure in up to 200-meter depths
    • Swiss-made quartz movements are very accurate and require minimal maintenance aside from battery replacement.
    • Very affordable and comes with a 2-year warranty!

    Luminox & MyGiftStop

    We always carry the Luminox 3082 Men's Sea Navy Seal Colormark Chronograph watches and often have them on sale! You will receive your Luminox 3082 in its original packaging. Remember all Luminox watches are backed by a 2-year limited warranty to protect your investment, although they are so sturdy it is rarely needed.

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