How to Buy a Swiss-Made Sports Watch

How to Buy a Swiss-Made Sports Watch

Buying a man’s sports watch today can be a fairly complex experience. There are hundreds of sports watches to choose from in all price ranges and styles. Some include multiple sport’s gadgets while others are designed to be straightforward and classic. There are sports watches for nearly every sport including golfing, cycling, running, diving, and more. These days most men own more than one watch,  so having a couple of sports watches is no longer uncommon.

Yet buying a Swiss-made sports watch is a step up from buying your basic Casio or Timex, so it's worth learning a little bit about timepieces made by master watchmakers.  

Did you know that more than half of luxury watches being made today are from Switzerland?

Are you looking for jewelry or a timepiece?

That's a very good question.  Most watches are worn for their sleek and sophisticated appearance as well as their practicality.  However, some sports enthusiasts care about gadgets more than looks.

So what's it going to be?  Jewelry,  functional timepiece,  or both? Answering these five questions will help you narrow down your preferences and make your selection:

  • How often will you wear a new watch? Daily, weekly, monthly, special occasions only?
  • How frequently are you actively involved in your sport? Daily, weekly, monthly?
  • Will this be your primary watch? Yes, no, one of them?
  • How many features do you need? Minimal, a few select, load it up!
  • Do you have a budget? Yes, no, within reason
  • So now what do you think?  Do you have a better idea of what you need and want?

    Sexy and functional Swiss-made watches

    Overall, the Swiss timepiece is generally worth its price tag.  They're like the Ferrari of the world of watches - crafted by Swiss artisans who have been at it for decades.  Wearing a watch these days is rarely about telling time because we all have phones for that. So it is more about having a functional piece of jewelry that can kick up your image a bit, right?.

    Swiss-made watches exude status and style - that includes even the sports watch variety. Swiss-made watches can actually appreciate in value depending on the brand.  So buying one can be considered an investment although many men prefer to hold on to them and pass them down as an heirloom rather than concern themselves with a resale.

    These sexy pieces of jewelry tick away at about 28,800 vibrations per hour and it takes over a hundred tiny parts machined with precision to make that happen. Where most countries can make that same claim, the Swiss manage to set themselves apart. There is a system referred to as établissage which was discovered in the 1600s by a goldsmith named Daniel Jeanrichard. What this means is that various parts are made by specialists in small boutique-type establishments and then brought together so each timepiece can be completed.  So the final watch is truly a work of several artisans rather than the result of mass-production.

    We repeat -  the Swiss timepiece is generally worth its price tag.

    The Alpina sports watch sets the standard

    The Alpina brand dates back to the late 1800s  and is known for its unique quality control criteria and interest in innovation and improvement.  By the early 1900s, the company's mission was to provide sportsman, engineers, technicians, and adventurers with the perfect watch. That is when the four essential principles for watchmaking got its start:  

    1. Anti-magnetic
    2. Anti-shock
    3. Water-resistant
    4. Stainless steel

    The company stayed true to these principles and the Alpina 4  became the watch of choice for Air Force pilots, divers, the Navy, and the military.


    Alpina Men's Automatic Watch

    Alpina Men's Strap Smartwatch



    Our Alpina sports watch selection

    Our customers have always been Alpina fans, as are we - so we stock a wide variety of Swiss-made sports watches for men. Our inventory includes watches within a reasonable price spread so even those who are budget conscious will be able to find styles that they love and can afford.

    For example, the Alpina Men's World Time Smartwatch, which has a unidirectional rotating blue accented silvertone stainless steel bezel and a textured push-pull main crown.  This dynamic watch features a world time 24 time zones, sleep cycle alarms, activity tracking, sleep monitoring, get-active alerts, dynamic coaching, cloud backup, and more.  You may be surprised to note that this watch is on the low end of the price scale.

    Another favourite is the Alpina Men's Automatic Watch - Startimer Pilot Heritage which has a navy blue dial - so classy. Although it is priced a bit higher than the world time smartwatch, it is water resistant up to 100 metres and features 38 hours of power reserve. This model has a sapphire crystal for scratch resistance and is powered by Swiss-made AL-555 automatic movement with 26 jewels. Need we say more?

    We carry around fifty different Swiss-made Alpina watches that you are sure to love. Shop today! After all Father's Day is around the corner, and if you miss that there's always your birthday or plenty of other shopping days for which you can treat yourself! (Note: You can always leave this page open on your computer so your loved one can take the hint.)


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