Getting the Perfect Gift for the Men in your Life

Getting the Perfect Gift for the Men in your Life

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Getting the perfect gift for the man in your life is not as complicated as it may sound. Some say that men are the simplest creatures on earth. As a man myself, I happen to agree. Our needs are pretty easily met, and our wants are usually very specific. There are no convoluted steps to take to find out exactly what’s on our mind. Guys often muse out loud about the things that they want as gifts or presents. The simplest way to get the right present is just to pay attention.

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Naturally, things vary from guy to guy with things like age, career, and personality type. Age matters as it would not be prudent to get a really high-tech gift like a Samsung Gear for a guy in his mid-60s. Of course, any of the two other variables can offset this. Buying the right gift is a matter of attentiveness, and knowing the person. However, what if you have no idea about the guy’s lifestyle or aren’t around to listen to his audible musings? There are a set of gifts that no matter the guy, he will be appreciative. Consider the following gift ideas as suitable for any occasion worthy of giving a gift to the men in your life.

Watches: It doesn’t matter who the gentleman is, a good quality watch is appreciated by all men. There are so many brands of watches for men out there, and each one encapsulates a different style. Typically, men have in their arsenal different styles of wrist wear for different occasions. When it comes to giving a watch as a gift, there really is no wrong answer. Just because a guy doesn’t dive, doesn’t mean that he won’t like a diving watch. In fact, diving watches are especially popular with men, as well as aviation themed watches, and dress watches.

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Writing Instruments: Pens aren’t just for writers. Most men are professionals, and a good pen (ballpoint, rollerball, or fountain pen) is invaluable in many professions. The name that stands out to many people in this sphere is Montblanc, but there are other options out there like Visconti, Montegrappa, and Lamy pens.

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Leather Goods: Since mankind was in its early stages, leather has always been a part of our collective culture. It’s one of the staples of attire that just simply never goes out of style. Wallets, shoes, briefcases all make good choices. If you want to spend a little more, then a leather coat will always make someone smile.

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Gifts for the Outdoors: So many men from all walks of life enjoy the outdoors life. There is just something about becoming one with nature. For the modern man, however, we tend to try to make life in the outdoors a little easier, instead of completely roughing it. Most of us can start a fire, but personally, I want to use a Zippo lighter as opposed to rubbing two sticks together. A warm down jacket or a pair of hiking boots go a long way in the outdoors.

Pro Tip: no outdoorsman is complete without a Swiss Army Knife.

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Cool Gadgets: Electronics for men has always been a clear winner as a gift idea. There’s always something brand new in the market for those that are tech savvy. One of the amazing things about tech gifts is that in the age of apps, everyone can personalize their gadget. As far as personalized gift ideas go, the latest Samsung or Apple product at first glance doesn’t seem that personal because of the generic look, but I think because it is a literal blank slate, each man can make their tech almost an extension of themselves.

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