Buying a Chronograph? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

Buying a Chronograph? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

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Buying a Chronograph? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

When it comes to watches, would you say you are a novice? An expert? Or simply interested in upping your game? While chronograph watches seem to be more popular with men in general (seen on celebrities like Steve McQueen or Leonardo DiCaprio) even Serena Williams is known to show off their chronograph watches, both in the public eye and in private. And it’s no wonder why - a chronograph watch comes with practical uses and makes a fashion statement at the same time.

My Gift Stop offers a wide variety of chronograph watches from every price range, so you’re sure to find a watch that appeals to your taste and bank account. Discover what you want in a chronograph watch by considering these five factors:

Chronograph Watches Have Big Faces

When men and women wear dress shirts and jackets, they’ll generally want the watch under their sleeve cuff. But watches with chronographs have larger watch faces, and sometimes if you choose a watch that is too large for your wrist, it can look oversized and stand out like a sore thumb.

However, a watch measuring 43 mm and over for men is ideal, and even more so for men with large wrists. The standard male wrist suits a watch of 40-42 mm. If you’re a man with a skinny wrist, 36–39 mm is best.


Seiko SKS603P1 Neo Sports chronograph watch


The Seiko SKS603P1 Neo Sports chronograph watch for men is one of the larger models we have measuring at 43 mm across and 12 mm high. The watch face features a fixed bezel and hardlex crystal for scratch resistance. It operates with Japanese-made 4T53 quartz chronograph movement and a chronograph for seconds, minutes, and hours.


The Features Add Value

A variety of features add value to the chronograph watches, such as a watch face made with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal or that comes with a stainless steel bracelet. But other unique features that set the watch apart are what make them so loved by enthusiasts.

Wenger 01.1543.107 Attitude Chrono watch

One such feature is the tachymetric scale or tachymeter around the flange. This is used to measure the speed of something, usually a racecar or horse. Tachymeter is an appropriate word, and actually comes from the Greek words tactachos (speed) and metron (measure).

The Wenger 01.1543.107 Attitude Chrono watch for men is a nifty device that is governed by Swiss-made Ronda 3540.D quartz movement. It’s decorated with clear Arabic numeral and index hour markers and pencil-shaped hands. The Wenger 01.1543.107 is perfect for the fans of Formula 1 and horse racing.


The Movement Makes a Difference

Chronograph watches can be created with quartz or mechanical movement. A good indicator of a quartz watch is the tick-tocking second hand. A mechanical watch has a second hand that rotates in one silent motion.

Quartz movements are generally more affordable, including fly back chronographs that allow for resets without affecting the chronograph itself. It’s useful for people who need to record several sets of time in a short time span. Whether you choose a Swiss or Japanese movement, you always get high-quality watches from My Gift Stop.

While chronographs are handy timepieces for pilots and athletes, many people wear a chronograph watch because the look is stylish and serious, yet elegant.


Alpina AL-371BG4S6B Startimer Pilot Chronograph watch


The Alpina AL-371BG4S6B Startimer Pilot Chronograph watch for men is a blend of old and new. The beige face has a traditional essence that is encased in a new stainless steel bracelet.

It’s adorned with beige and navy blue luminous leaf shaped hands and a day and date display window. It runs with Swiss-made AL-371 quartz movement and the function pushers allow you to easily operate the chronograph. The three dials display the month and allow you to time events in seconds and minutes, such as helping your kid train in swimming or baseball. This watch is water resistant up to 100 meters.

It’s the Best Alternative to Smartphone Apps & Smartwatches

Not everyone likes to use modern technology for daily workouts and training. Depending on the equipment you have, it can be awkward to hold your phone or you might have technical difficulties. Analog watches have been around centuries longer than smart devices, so traditionalists can still buy a new watch that has centuries of knowledge and history behind it..

Invicta 31850 Army Camouflage chronograph watch


The Invicta 31850 Army Camouflage chronograph watch for women shows off a sporty attitude with a bit of flash, thanks to the yellow accents. It features a chronograph for seconds, minutes, and hours.

Most watches on our site are scratch resistant with sapphire crystal, but this beauty has flame fusion crystal instead. At its core is a Japanese-made TMI VD54 quartz chronograph mechanism. If you’re a woman who prefers tradition, this watch will be your trusty companion on your next run or gym session.

A Chronograph Watch Comes in All Price Ranges

From buying a chronograph watch as a gift to show off your status to using it for practical purposes, you can find the right watch.

Hamilton H32596181 Jazzmaster chronograph watch


As we mentioned above, automatic movements increase the price of a watch. The Hamilton H32596181 Jazzmaster chronograph watch Is one of the higher-end chronographs that features a fixed bezel and oversized, index hour markers with white and silver-toned luminous dauphine-shaped hands.

It operates with Swiss made H-21 automatic movement with 25 jewels. Because this is a fancier watch, the chronograph, which features a dial for seconds, minutes, and hours, can be used to time conferences and presentations for work along with workout sessions.


Shop for more chronograph watches today, or find other types of gifts on My Gift Stop!