Best Gift Ideas for Women's Day 2021: Great Gifts for Her

Best Gift Ideas for Women's Day 2021: Great Gifts for Her

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Best Gift Ideas for International Women's Day 2021: Great Gifts for Her

2020 is probably the hardest year most of us have had to face. This is especially true for many women. The challenges to overcome include balancing the scales of gender parity, opening up more opportunities for women, facing down the perils of seixm, and more. It remains an on-going struggle. 

The focus of International Women’s Day is on fundraising, marching for equality, as well as celebrating what women have already achieved. There are many names and groups throughout history who endured and fought against injustices around the world, and today is a day to honor and celebrate them.

 It’s also a day to show the women in your life that their efforts don’t go unnoticed and that their pursuit for greatness in anything is possible. Our online gift shop offers many affordable gifts for Mom, Auntie, Sis, and Cuz, as well as your partner.

What is International Women’s Day?

For centuries, women have fought to gain equal rights in all aspects of life. March 8th is a day dedicated to the celebration of women’s many achievements, from social to political to cultural to economical. While it’s a day for women, everyone is welcome to show their support no matter how they identify.

In addition to celebration, March 8th also focuses on raising awareness of women’s equality to accelerate gender parity. Expect to see many fundraisers around the world. Did you know that the first gathering was in 1911? And International Women’s Day is still going strong! 2021’s theme is “Choose to Challenge.” Creating and achieving challenges is what makes the world change for the better.

Gifts for Her

Given that we are celebrating women in general, why not take this opportunity to celebrate and honor some women in particular? Show the woman (or women) in your life how much you care, whether it’s Mum, Nona, little sis, or your partner. One way to celebrate their collective achievements is by sending them one of our many lovely gift options.

Finding gifts for your wife, girlfriend, and family members can be difficult, but My Gift Shop makes it easy with our vast selection of categories and products!

Watch Collections

For this International Women’s Day, giving the gift of time would be an immense help, especially since quarantine can sometimes make it feel as if time no longer exists! Practical and beautiful, watches are an age-old accessory that is always in style.  

Find a watch that matches her style. Here are some of the brands that we offer:


Backed by high-quality performance, ingenuity, and originality, Invicta watches always make a statement. Invicta makes a wide range of watch styles from classic luxury watches to sporty ones that show off your pride or have special features like a stopwatch. Whether she’s working on her studies or pumping weights at the gym, her Invicta watch will be there to ensure she’s making good time. When shopping for your sister or girlfriend, you’re sure to find the right watch for her!


Known for their durable and reliable watches, Casio is a trusted brand. It’s various lines, such as G-Shock and Baby-G, are designed to be tough and stylish for the modern woman. These two timepiece collections have many cool features, including water and shock resistance, world time, and a stopwatch. Casio is the perfect brand for the active woman of today.

Browse our online gift shop for more brands of women’s watches.

Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry is more than just stones and metal. It carries meaning, whether it’s the meaning behind the materials used or the meaning behind the gift. Find stunning pieces of fashion jewelry to give to your partner, mother, or friend.


Known for their elegant crystals, Swarovski adds that timeless elegance to their jewelry. People love this brand because everyone can find something, whether it’s your niece who loves the beach or your partner who has a more refined and traditional taste.

Stackable Expressions

A brand that makes jewelry that’s stackable, you can rings, bracelets, and more that clearly demonstrates the wearer’s style. And what’s more is that Stackable Expressions knows that what defines you can change! The brand focuses on fluidity of identity. Women are always changing and exploring new endeavours, so this brand is perfect for them!


Practical and stylish, every woman should have a pair of sunglasses to protect her beautiful eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Help her to see her future more clearly by browsing through our various choices of women’s sunglasses.


The driving forces behind Oakley’s sunglasses are technology and innovation that improve the lives of the wearers, particularly highly active athletes. Depending on the model, the wearer can benefit from Switchlock technology or High Definition Optics. Ideal for the women in your life who love to ski, snowboard, cycle, or hike, our options of polarized sunglasses ensure they can see with clarity while being protected.

Handbags and Wallets

Travel has been limited recently, but that doesn’t mean women won’t ever need a new handbag, crossbody bag, or wallet again. These types of gifts for your partner or friend are incredibly useful when running to the grocery store or pharmacy.

Michael Kors

Why buy Michael Kors handbags and wallets? This luxury brand is a blend of sophistication and timeless chic. Both your practical-minded wife and your sister with an eye for sparkle can find the right handbag or wallet for their travel needs. Made with enough compartments and slots for the active woman, Michael Kors handbags and wallets are designed to help the user.

My Gift Shop’s Sales on International Women's Day 2021 Gifts

Our online gift shop has a cornucopia of women’s gifts, and sales are going on now! Support the women in your life today and every day to help them achieve gender equality.