An Overview: Automatic Luxury Watches for Men

An Overview: Automatic Luxury Watches for Men

Hardworking, determined, sophisticated. We’re not only describing successful men, but we’re also describing the luxury watches they wear. Whether they’re on or off the movie set, at office meetings all day, or chilling at a beach bar, automatic luxury watches for men tell a lot more than just the time.  

If you watch Sean Connery in Dr. No (1962), Barack Obama’s speeches, or John Mayer in a HODINKEE interview, you will see that these men are examples of the “successful man” role model that many strive to become. And their watches emphasize that.

Why Do Men Need a Luxury Watch?

People are attracted to shiny things and luxurious automatic watches fall into that category. You could be watching a movie and notice the actor’s watch or at an interview with your potential boss whose watch catches the sunlight. Regardless of the aesthetic pleasure people get from them, luxury watches continue to represent success in various ways. It is a status symbol.

The Rolex Submariner Ref. 6538

Making its debut in Dr. No alongside its owner, the Rolex Submariner 6538 was not only a reflection of the debonair man behind 007, but it was said to come from Sean Connery’s private collection. Ian Fleming had a love for Rolex and passed the love onto his famous character, James Bond. Funnily enough, Connery himself was a Rolex enthusiast and even wore his own Submariner 6538 in the subsequent Bond films.

While listening to the iconic Monty Norman Orchestra’s James Bond Theme, you can’t separate Bond from his Submariner because it’s become a symbol of confidence. It also emulates the essence of the working man. Bond may enjoy a card game or intimate evening with a lady, but he’s also out there getting his hands dirty in high-speed chases and fighting a variety of henchmen.

Want a watch that captures the Submariner's design, but is more affordable? Check out the Orient Ray II !

Its watch face is remarkably similar to that of the Submariner with its wide case, dot and index hour markers, and triangle insert bezel with minute divisions. The Ray II features Japanese-made F6922 automatic movement. You can think of it as a contemporary Bond watch that has the bold look with the confidence behind it.


TAG Heuer Series 1500 Two-Tone Divers Watch

In the early days of Barack Obama’s campaigning, watch collectors and aficionados noticed a watch that Obama wore for about 15 years: the TAG Heuer Series 1500 Two-Tone Divers watch. It’s a simple, but efficient sports watch that is discreet with gold accents. This understated watch reflects that the men of today don’t always need to be flashy or suave to get ahead in the world. Strategic thinking, straight talking, and a true desire to make a difference can be just as powerful as the ticking of a luxury watch.

For the man who wants to emanate these qualities at an affordable price, look at the Luminox watches series like Luminox 3152.NV.

Both the Obama watch and the Luminox 3152.NV have a 200m water resistance with stick index hour markers and luminous hands. Additionally, the Tag Heusen and Luminox logos are similarly designed. In contrast to the Obama watch’s quartz movement, the Atacama Field is governed by Swiss movement. The watch is perfect for the no-nonsense type of guy.

Patek Philippe 5970G

The songwriter and guitarist John Mayer is a watch collector. In a HODINKEE interview, Mayer is wearing a white gold Patek Philippe 5970G Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, which may be one of his signature watches.

My Gift Shop offers a watch with a face that offers just as much information: The Victorinox Swiss Army 241598 Airboss Chronograph. While it has Arabic numeral index hour markers instead of the 5970G’s stick markers, both watches have a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal case with a silver dial accented with the minute markers around the outer rim.

As much as the 5970G is a beauty, nothing beats the Swiss-made ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movement of the Airboss with its water resistance rating at 100 meters. It’s a luxury watch that goes the distance in practicality.

Mayer is interested in all watches, not just luxury ones, because he sees the beauty of their designs and mechanisms. But it’s also more than that for him:

“Sometimes, it just comes down to you and your watch. And you go, “Can I please get a hotel room before the gig to sleep for three hours?” And they dump you in a hotel room like you’re in The Bourne Identity or something. And you just have this and your watch. It’s really a bonding thing, you know?”

Owning a luxury watch is not just about how it looks or what it says about you; it’s also about having a genuine love for a work of art.

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