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10 Trendy Gifts To Give For Xmas 2017

Even if Christmas is not around the corner just yet, thinking about the gifts in advance can give you a great advantage. You won’t need to dive into the Christmas gift craze in December and conquer the malls when you have a work avalanche coming (as it usually happens right before the Xmas holidays). This list can help you win the upcoming Christmas gift giving with bells on.

  1. Cookbook

recipe book

Some people believe that cookbooks have gone out of style thanks to the availability of recipes online. These people have probably never cooked while holding a smartphone in one hand and a spatula in another. A colorful cookbook is a great gift idea for both men and women.

  1. Smartwatch

smart watch

Smartwatches are becoming trendier and trendier every year. Even though it’s proven that Smartwatches are no substitute for conventional analog watches, many people will really appreciate this expensive yet thoughtful gift. Just make sure it’s compatible with the person’s smartphone.

  1. Pearls

pearl necklace

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but pearls are amazing to look at – no question about it. A pearl necklace can be a wonderful choice for a loved one, mother, daughter, best friend, etc. They cost much less than diamonds too.

  1. Sports Duffel Bag

Is the person you are choosing the gift for a sports maniac? Then a stylish duffle bag is always a grand gift. But what if he or she is a couch potato? Even better! Such gift can become a great push in the direction of the gym.

  1. Japanese Graphic Art

A painting or a decorative plate with Japanese graphic art is bound to conquer anyone’s heart. If you don’t know the preferences of the person you are buying the gift for, stick to the classic image of the Japanese cherry tree.

  1. LEGO

Lego Darth Vader

Are you looking for a way to make a kid happy on Christmas? Don’t overlook LEGO. It comes in all shapes and sizes suitable for a variety of ages. Some parents have a lot of fun making batmobiles and starships just as the kids do.

  1. Couch Arm Table

This is a small table with the legs that “hug” the couch’s arm. What a great way to enjoy a cup of coffee without getting up from the couch. Many men will appreciate such a gift. And some women will too!

  1. Scarf


Both men and women use them but often can’t choose the perfect one. When it comes as a gift, a scarf is much appreciated. Besides being functional, it often becomes a memento.

  1. Potted Flowers

Many women and some men love taking care of flowers. If you manage to find a truly beautiful potted flower, it can become the trendiest gift of the season. Make sure to print out the care instructions too.

  1. Writing Instruments

Montblanc pen

Fancy pens make amazing gifts for businessmen and businesswomen. Make sure the pen is easy to hold before buying it. Montblanc is always a crowd favorite.