Wedding Season Demystified: What is the Best Gift For A Wedding

Wedding Season Demystified: What is the Best Gift For A Wedding

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You’ve been invited to a wedding, and you want to get the bride and groom the perfect gift to start their new life together. You can stick to the wedding registry, but simply buying something off of a list can feel impersonal and just a little bit off.

So how do you take it off-registry and find a gift that’s more authentic and true to the happy couple? Here, we break down the perfect personalized gift choices for every kind of bride and groom on your list.


For the fashion-forward couple, be sure to get something chic and stylish. This could be:

wedding gift fashionista couple
 Stacy Adams Men's shoes Alpina Watches Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

The Silly Couple

If you’re dealing with a couple that’s the life of the party, get them something lighthearted that will keep them laughing or that will help them express their fun-loving nature. This could be: 

  • A great party game. You can never go wrong with a classic like Charades, or - if you want to pick something a little more contemporary - with an interactive question card game like Who’s Most Likely To.  
  • A fun video game console and games, like the Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8.
  • A speaker with party lights and fantastic sound.
  • A piece of furniture that will help them entertain, like a great mobile espresso buffet.
  • A hammock for two that can turn any space into a total chill zone.
hammock silly couple wedding gift


For the couple that likes to explore the world, hit the trails, or just try something new:

  • Get something useful and out-of-the-box like a wearable sleeping bag.  
  • Set the tone and help them get fully organized and ready to hit the road with personalized suitcases.  
  • Alternatively, get a fantastic camera like the ultra-cool Light L16 that has 16 camera lenses packed into one smart tool.
  • Finally, you can’t go wrong with an Airbnb gift card that they can use toward their next big adventure.
adventurous couple wedding gift


On the flip side, if they love to stay in and relax, get them something that will complement their homebody vibe. This could be:

wedding present for homebody couple


Finally, if the newlyweds are making moves in the business world or rocking it in a 9 to 5, get them something geared toward getting their work done and maintaining productivity. Some great options include:

  • An alarm that makes getting up early a little easier, like a Philips wake-up light sun alarm. 
  • Some great his and hers jewelry - like a beautiful set of watches - so they can leave the house in style.
  • A clothing subscription box that will add the perfect pieces to their professional wardrobe, like an MM.LaFleur Bento Box.
  • Some charging tools that will help them organize their desks and keep their gadgets charged and at the ready. 
watch professional couple wedding present

For more gift options, check out My Gift Stop.