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How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Gift for Her This Holiday Season

When it comes to buying gifts for the women in your life, we know that things can get confusing. Whether it’s your friend, your significant other, your family member or your colleague, it’s tough to find a Christmas gift that you know she’ll love and use for years to come. Here, we’ve simplified the process and broken down the top Christmas gifts for her in 2017.

The Friend

As always, the first thing to consider is the personality, hobbies, and interests of the recipient. Is she the life of the party, or is she more of a homebody? Does she like to craft and make things? Is she a fashionista? Figuring out one key characteristic can really help you narrow down your gift option and make a choice that she’s sure to love.

Your Active Friend

Does she love to hike? Can you find her at the gym or constantly running errands? If she’s an active friend, she’ll appreciate a gift that caters to that lifestyle and makes it more fun, memorable, or comfortable. A great waterproof watch or activity tracker, for example, can help her track her activity, stay on top of her health, and stay motivated throughout her busy day.

Active friend christmas gift watch    christmas gift for her active friend

Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable, versatile pair of shoes. Keep in mind what kind of activity she’s doing: if she’s hitting the gym or the trails, opt for a more sturdy athletic choice like a trail running shoe. If she’s running errands around town, go for a more neutral, stylish option like a comfortable pair of Keds.

christmas gift for her active shoes    christmas present friend

Your Fashionable Friend

If she’s excited about looking good and feeling confident, you can’t go wrong with a classic wardrobe staple or a beautiful accessory. Before you choose, however, figure out what kind of fashion she enjoys - is she more trendy or classic? Does she want something runway-ready or is she more interested in taking her fashion to the streets? Keep your answer to this question in mind and find something that will fit her unique taste.

The Trendsetter: For the woman that’s always up on the latest looks, check out a pair of sunglasses in a trendy hue or frame. Right now, flat lenses and wild frames are super on-trend - just remember to pick a shape that works with her facial features.

sunglasses gift for her   holiday gift sunglasses

The Classic Fashionista: If your friend loves a more classic look, pick a timeless gift that she can fit into her wardrobe for years to come. Our go-to's? A beautiful pair of stud earrings or a go-anywhere handbag.

The Runway Diva: Is she always ready to step off the catwalk? Go bold with a fun fabric or an unexpected texture and color. A colorful faux fur scarf, for example, is sure to spice up any outfit and make her feel runway ready in a flash.

The Streetwear Queen: If she loves to take her look around town, we recommend a classic ankle bootie or a wear-everywhere leather jacket. Both pieces are fashion-forward and versatile without being too much of a “special occasion” look.

Your Homebody Friend

For the woman that loves to relax at home and improve upon her space, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful decorative piece - like a candle in a scent that she loves or a small piece of art - or something comfortable, like a blanket or a cozy pair of slippers. A fail-safe choice? Bearpaw winter boots: they’re warm, versatile, and perfect for cleaning house or movie night.

homebody friend holiday gift    bearpaw shoes homebody holiday gift

The Significant Other

When it comes to Christmas gifts for your wife or girlfriend, it’s always best to choose something from the heart. She’ll always appreciate a gift that you’ve put some thought into or that has some significance for your relationship.


Reflect on a significant moment or a collection of memories from the year. If you’re crafty, put together a scrapbook with movie stubs, event tickets, and other small tokens that represent good times spent together. If that’s not in your wheelhouse, try a digital picture frame and pick a theme, album, or collection of photos that you know she’ll enjoy.

holiday present





Want to take it up a notch? Think back to any hints she’s dropped recently. Did she mention how cute a pair of shoes were? Did de love a piece of jewelry in a store window? If you can remember any of these things and follow through, it’ll be a slam dunk.

Activity for Two

If she’s more about doing than buying, get her tickets to a fun activity for two. Once again, this depends on her personality and her interests - here are some options:  

  • For the Foodie: a cooking class or reservations to a tasting menu or a new restaurant she’ll love.
  • For the Animal Lover: a trip to the zoo, a petting zoo, or a hands-on experience.
  • For the Adrenaline Junkie: a fun activity like jet skiing, ATV riding or laser tag.
  • For Ms. Relaxation: a massage for two, a spa day, or a relaxing yoga session.

Favorite Things

This one requires that you think back and reflect on her hobbies, interests, and favorite items. Is she a makeup junkie or a movie buff? Does she love art shows or collect an item like bracelets, perfume, or shoes? Dig deep and get something in line with her favorites to really win her over.

The Family Member

You’re probably not going to get Christmas presents for every woman in your family - and don’t worry, that’s not expected! However, here’s what we recommend for those special ladies in your life:

The Grandmother

While all grandmothers are different, most tend to put their focus on memories, quality time, and effort. Get her something that shows you care and that you’ve put some thought into her and she’ll be thrilled. Here are some good options:


Make her something. This could be:

  • A craft: Jewelry, a homemade soap or candle, or a picture frame.
  • A food item: Bake her something you know she’ll love or take a mea for the two of you to enjoy together.
  • Comfortable clothes: A sweater, a scarf, or a cozy item for the home like a blanket or slippers.
  • Home item: kitchen appliances, a flower, or an item that she collects.


    Think of something that keeps her active and that gives her something to look forward to. Get her a gift certificate to the movies and set up a weekly or monthly movie date. Alternatively, if she likes to cook or garden, buy her a new tool and choose a recipe you’d like to do together or a flower that you’d like to plant with her.

    The Sister

    In most instances, your sister is like your friend. Look back to that section for some inspiration and ideas.

    The Mom

    A Keepsake

    Get her something that she can keep with her and that will remind her of you. Some of our top picks? A jewelry box, a keychain, or an item for her bathroom or vanity. The point is for it to be something that she can see, use, and enjoy every day.  

    Favorite Things

    Once again, consider her hobbies, interests, and likes - then take it from there.


    This one doesn’t necessarily have to be an activity for the two of you. Does she have a group of friends that she likes to do things with? Is she missing out on a date night with her significant other? Consider what she’d most like to do - and who she’d like to do it with - and take it from there.