How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Best Friend

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Best Friend

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Picking the perfect Christmas gift is never easy - especially when it’s for your best friend. Here, we make it a little bit easier and break down some fail-safe options for your partner in crime.

For the Guys

The Active Man

If your best friend is always on the go - hitting the gym, going on hikes, or just being generally active - he’ll appreciate a gift that will support that lifestyle and make him more comfortable, effective, or in the zone.

To this end, we recommend:

  • An activity tracker: He’ll be able to see his progress, monitor his health, and stay extra motivated with a versatile activity tracker or smartwatch.
  • Wireless headphones: Sometimes wires are the worst - get him a pair of wireless headphones so he can avoid tangles and listen to music on the go.
  • Moisture-wicking clothing: The right clothes can make all the difference. Get him a quick-wicking shirt or pair of socks so that he can stay dry and comfortable no matter what.
  • Comfortable sneakers: A great pair of hiking shoes or some all-purpose trainers can make all the difference to the active friend.
  • A portable charger: So he’ll never run out of battery on the road.

The Intellectual

For some guys, it’s all about learning about all the cool things the world has to offer. This friend will love:

  • Tickets: Is he into culture? Science? Math? The arts? Get him tickets to a museum, a movie, or an exhibit that he’ll really love.
  • Tech: If he’s always on the computer, he might appreciate a great monitor stand. If reading or writing is more his thing, consider a reading light or a smartpen.  
monitor stand smartpen christmas gifts best friend
  • An App or Book: Recommend a great app download - like the TED app - or buy a book on a subject you know he’ll love.

The Traveler

Traveling can take a toll. Get your jet-setting pal a gift that will help him downplay the rough parts and enjoy the adventure. This could include:

  • A great travel pillow or travel hoodie.
  • A document organizer that will let them keep their itinerary, ticket stubs, and currency safe.
  • A portable GPS
  • Luggage organizer and containers

The Techie

If your friend loves having the latest gadget, buy him a gift that doesn’t disappoint:

  • A weather-predicting storm glass to switch up your daily forecast.
  • A nice cable organizer that will keep their charging station spick and span.
  • An Amazon Echo 2 with all the power of Alexa to give you music, directions, and more.  

The James Bond

The 007 best friend is all about sleek style, cool gadgets, and an overall cool persona. Get him:

  • A classic blazer or button down. Check out Bonobos for truly customizable options. 
  • A Montblanc fountain pen for both utility and style.
montblanc christmas present friend
loafers james bond christmas
watch christmas present

The Jokester

If your best friend is the life of the party, his Christmas gift should reflect that fun-loving spirit.

  • A movie: Does he love silly titles like The Hangover, Office Christmas Party, or Step Brothers? Get him a DVD and suggest a movie night.
  • Some funny clothes: Check out Tipsy Elves for some great, conversation-starting ugly Christmas sweaters and more.
  • A great gag gift, like a lion’s mane that they can put on their unsuspecting pet.

For the Ladies  

The Nature Lover

Is your best friend always hiking, playing with animals, or heading to the beach? Then she’ll enjoy some great outdoorsy gear:

  • Shoes: Some all-purpose trainers or a pair of Teva sandals will let her go from beach to mountain in a flash.
  • Moisture-wicking clothing: If you’re dry, you’re comfortable. She’ll appreciate a quick-wicking top or pair of leggings.
  • Sunscreen or sunglasses with UV protection.
  • A Polaroid photo printer, so she can print out those great smartphone pictures on-the-go.

The Fashionista

  • Classic: For the best friend that loves Audrey Hepburn or the Kennedys, we recommend a versatile pair of heels or a sleek watch.
watch christmas gift fashionista
  • Trendy: For the trendsetter, check out a pair of sunglasses in a trendy hue or frame. Right now, flat lenses and wild frames are super on-trend - just remember to pick a shape that works with her facial features.
  • Runway: Go for a fashion-forward piece like a poncho or a colorful purse.
trendy purse christmas gift

The Girl Boss

For the best friend that wants to get out and get the job done:

  • Power outfit: A versatile blazer or suit will take her from meeting to cocktails.  
  • Organization tool: Help her streamline her car, house, or makeup with a great organizer.
  • No-fuss hair appliance: Help her hit the road quickly with a multi-use, portable hair appliance.
  • Motivational wall art: Is she motivated by a particular person or saying? Get her some artwork that will remind her and keep her head straight.

The Jetsetter

  • A minimergency kit so she doesn’t forget any essentials. 
minimergency kit christmas gift
  • A boost for her immune system, like Emergen-C.
  • A great travel pillow or travel hoodie.
  • A versatile travel wallet

The Intellectual

  • Tickets to her favorite show or exhibit.
  • Media of choice: Get her a book, movie, or even an infographic on a topic that she loves.
  • A keepsake: A dinosaur bone, art replica, astrological chart, etc.
  • A journal with a biometric fingerprint sensor.
The Wild Child
  • Tickets: Is there a festival, concert, or event coming up? Find out what she’s into and make it a date.
  • An iPhone wallet case, so she can keep her credit cards, money, and small items in one place.  
  • EarDial smart earplugs so they can enjoy their music while protecting their hearing.

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