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Amazing Valentine's Day Gifts For Men

Whether your boyfriend or husband is really into Valentine’s Day, it is always nice to surprise him with something that lets him know that you are thinking about him. We’ve compiled a list of items that are tested and are guaranteed to make your guy feel special.

Pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an important accessory that every man should have. After all, we all want to protect our significant others – and that means even from harmful UV rays, which have been proven to do damage to our eyes. Nothing says I love you more than protecting your valentine, while keeping him looking trendy and the Oakley Black Iridium & VR28 Lenses Fast Jacket Sunglasses do just that. What’s also pretty cool about these is that he gets an extra pair of interchangeable lenses so he can change the look of the sunglasses using their patented Switchlock technology.

An iPhone Charging Case

This ingenious little invention from Apple charges his phone on the go. The Smart Battery Case carries a lithium battery inside that will give his battery an extra 22 hours on LTE and 26 hours of talk time. Colors available are black and white, with a special edition in red where each purchase of that color results in a donation to bring an AIDS-free generation.

A Virtual Helper

The Google Home Mini is Google’s virtual assistant and the answer to the much-publicized Amazon Echo. The Google Home Mini syncs seamlessly to his smartphone and you can plan your day, get reminders, ask specific questions, and order anything online.

A Bulova Accutron II

For the serious watch collector, the Bulova Accutron II is a must-have. This watch is unique in its case shape called a ‘lobster’.  The Accutron was also the first electronic watch made – a whole decade before quartz watches entered the market. Also noteworthy, was the fact that an Accutron was used on the third moonwalk after the Omega watch’s crystal had popped off during the previous lunar landing.

A Smart Carry On

The Smart Carry On is the perfect gift for the avid traveler whether it be for pleasure or business. What makes this piece of luggage smart is that it has a built-in battery that can charge your favorite gadgets on the go. This carry on is virtually unbreakable, and has a lifetime guarantee. The built-in battery is easily removed, TSA approved, and is compliant with all airline policies. The Smart Carry On comes in over 20 different colors and color combinations.

If you have an idea that we didn’t cover, please feel free to drop it in the comments. Thanks for reading!