7 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Partner Will Actually Love

7 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Partner Will Actually Love

When it comes down to it, Valentine’s Day - above all else - is about expressing yourself and showing your significant other how much you care. Oftentimes, this is best shown by giving a gift that you made yourself and that comes from the heart.

Here, we share some DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that your sweetheart will actually love this holiday.

Personalized Picture Frame  

Go to your local craft store and find a plain thick wooden frame or a frame with a paper border. Then, get your paints and get personalizing! You could paint a landscape, their favorite place or even some quotes, poetry, or lyrics that are significant to your relationship.

DIY Valentine's Day Picture Frame

Handmade Item For the Home

No matter where you live, there are lots of places, like Color Me Mine, that offer paint your own pottery. Pick an item - like a mug, a ring dish, or a figurine of their favorite animal - that you know your partner will enjoy and show off your artistic talent. They’ll love the gesture and think of you every time they use it.

paint your own pottery DIY

If you’re not as creatively inclined, opt for a sweet and simple dry erase board. How it works: decorate the panel under a plain glass frame with a cute phrase or saying like “Honey-do” or “I love it when.” Then, attach a dry-erase marker so you and your partner can leave each other notes on the glass all year long.


Customized Gift Basket

Make a customized gift basket with some of their favorite things. Some starter ideas:

For the Ladies

Spa in a box: Include things like face masks, nail products, essential oils and Epsom salts. Remember to keep her preferences in mind - if you’re really lost, just ask her about her favorite kind of pampering or check out what stuff she already has.

homemade gift basket Valentine's Day

Favorite foods: Is she a health nut? A sweets lover? All about the salty snacks? Put all of her favorites together for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift - double points if you actually make a dish with them.

Jewelry and nicknacks: If you have some small gifts already in your shopping cart - jewelry, nail polish, etc. - gather them for an extra special surprise.

Hobby: Does she love makeup? Knitting? Reading? Being outside? Make her a basket that helps with one of her hobbies. Include things like gift cards, event tickets, products, and even food to really complete her experience.

For the Guys

Food and beverage: Is he really into a particular brand of liquor or beer? Does he have a favorite snack? Put it all in a basket - then plan a date or a boy’s night in so that he can enjoy them and share.

Hobby: Does he go fishing, play sports, or enjoy the outdoors? Once again, make a basket that will help him enjoy his hobby and make the most of it.

Grooming Kit: Get him a nice shaving kit or some bath products that he’ll love.

Photo Collage

Pick a theme and create a beautiful photo collage. Don’t worry, this is easier than it sounds - you can either print the pictures individually and place them how you want or use an at-home or in-store collage tool. BeFunky has a great online collage maker, or you can take your images - via USB, CD, email, or phone - to a Kodak Kiosk (find one near you here.)  

DIY Photo Collage


Write a letter or a list that is significant to your relationship. This could be:

A traditional love letter
  • A honey-will-do jar or a date jar. Fill this with chores you’ll complete or with date plans, and have them pull an option out every day or week.  
DIY date night jar
  • Inspirational quotes or memes: Looking for something that will inspire them or get them laughing? Gather some quotes that you think they’ll love or just put together some funny memes. Have your partner look at them all at once, or spread it out for light bulbs or laughs all year long.

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

This one can be semi or fully DIY. Take them on a romantic scavenger hunt, hiding clues throughout the house or even at special places in your neighborhood. Finish it off with a great prize, like a special date night or an extra thoughtful gift.

Finally - Make a card

There’s nothing wrong with a classic Valentine’s Day gesture, and a heartfelt card is definitely one of them. This doesn’t have to be sentimental if you don’t want it to be.

Make a Valentine's Card

Again, consider the personality and the interests of your partner and take it from there.
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