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4 A+ Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts

Teachers are integral members of society and an important part of our lives. They help form our youth and mold future generations, and the importance of their efforts cannot be understated.

Teacher appreciation week is our yearly opportunity to say thank you to them and show that we recognize all of their hard work and their ongoing endeavors.


First, you can opt for a traditional, beautiful keepsake like a fine piece of jewelry. This can be something like:

teacher appreciation Swarovski watch

School Supplies

You can never go wrong with some fresh, much-needed school supplies. Get them awesome gear - and put a fun spin on it - with some customized supply gifts. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Lysol disinfectant wipes: Gift the wipes with a fun note that reads something like, “We’re coming clean: we think you’re awesome.”
  • Dry erase markers with a card that reads, “You’re a “mark” above the rest.”
  • School supplies cake: This fun and cute gift can include Crayola crayons, Kleenex, glue, or any other supplies that you think your teacher would enjoy.

school supplies teacher appreciation gift

Treat Jar or Gift Basket

Teacher appreciation week is the perfect time to make something silly, whimsical, and semi-DIY. To this end, you can always start with a nice treat jar or a self-care gift basket. Looking first at the jars, you can start by purchasing some mason jars and filling them it with some great snacks or treats. This can include:

  • Heart-shaped chocolates or candies with the phrase, “It takes a big heart to shape little minds.”
  • Some Smarties or Lifesaver candies with the note, “Thanks for making us all smarties - you’re a lifesaver.”
  • Etc.

Alternatively, you can purchase a gift basket and fill it with lip balm, soaps, and other items for self-care. A good starting point includes:

Teacher Appreciation Week gift basket

Teacher Door

On the same DIY track, give your student and their classmates some supplies to decorate their teacher’s door. Some fun ideas here include:

  • A flower garden - with students’ names on each flower - featuring a sign that reads, “thank you for helping us grow.”
  • An underwater scene with a school of fish that says, “We’re so happy that you’re in our school.”
  • An outer space door that reads, “You are out of this world.”
teacher door gift

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